Converting a garage into a living space:

Garages can be dirty old, smelly and oily places … or, they can become your personal bar, a meeting place, a home cinema, a home recording studio … the choices are endless. Fun places can be created if you have the room to spare. 


We have out together some ideas and practical advice to change your old garage into a new, great place to be.

Renovation Ideas for a garage:

Converting your garage into a living space might just be the change you’re looking for to create more space. So, if we work with standard dimensions of a two-car garage we get an area up to 600 sqft. 


The conversion will be more pocket-friendly than adding an extension but certainly, there will be some disadvantages to it. Since we already have the basic wall structure standing, we would have to invest half for renovations. 


Depending on the new features or programs you want to incorporate, your expenditure will be determined.

Paying attention to the structural features

A process of approximately 4 to 6 weeks, important structural aspects that need to be sorted out are:

  • For insulation purposes, the floor height is raised over the concrete slab.
  • The walls and ceilings are fully insulated 
  • The addition of a ductless mini-split system or tied with the existing system will help regulate the hot and cold air in the space
  • To accommodate larger loads electrical services will need upgradation 
  • One of the recommendations is to create an open floor by opening the partition wall in between.
  • The garage doors will be replaced by standard insulated doors
  • Openings such as windows and doors to be added for ventilation

How can I get rid of that old garage look?

The main concern is that what if after renovations the new space still has that garage look. The best design solution is to eliminate any structural aspect that gives off that look. 


Redesign and relocate the openings, add new architectural features such as skylights, dormer windows, doors, etc. to create a new look.


It’s advisable to consult an architect. They will provide you with multiple sustainable design solutions to enhance living inside the space. Cabinetry is a much-overlooked part of garage remodeling. What is the use of a wonderful space with no ‘space’ to out anything?


You’ll have to pay for the services of the architect that would be around 5% to 20% of the cost of the project. However, they really do save you space as they have clever ideas of how to make every square foot pay for itself.

What are the downsides of this idea?

The issue for new parking space since the utilization of garage space, it would be a problem to find an outside spot considering cars have their own needs for example car wash might become a hassle. 


Cars affected by unnecessary exposure to the sun start to age prematurely and then in winters snow becomes a problem. Theft and break-in are a threat to the car that’s standing idle. 


In certain communities, some bylaws need to be followed strictly for example if off-street parking is not available converting your garage might not be the best option. you certainly will be losing your hardware storage space.

What are other options?

So, what are some other ways you can still make it work out? Renovating your basement will cost you the same as that of a garage, only it’s better in terms of the existing standing structure. 


Another option is to construct a living space above the garage, this will require work on the roof before setting it up for a living space. It must be kept in mind that the bylaws and setbacks should be followed religiously regarding any construction work or else your renovation ideas will be rejected by the authorities. 


A fully functioning garage can be designed following the thumb rule.