Contract Management Software:

Why Evisort is revolutionizing contract management. Contract Management Software review and assemble the data on legal terms. Unlike past, now lawyers do not have to print and review every draft line by line. There are no piles of papers containing sensitive information and contracts, a bunch of Unorganized hard drives scattered around.

Importance Of CMS:

Good software can help your business grow in many ways. Let’s have a look at pre and post-signature contract reviews.


Pre signature review software ensures the safety of the contract and places it where it is accessible to both parties.

  • It saves travel, printing, and labor costs.
  • Cloud base CLM platform provides a chief workspace so that parties that have a different way of doing work can cooperate and worry Less about the procedure and more about quality.
  • CLM gives major attention to security and safety. Two-factor authentication ensures that the document is open in front of the person who owns it.

E signature saves time. Look, a Designated signatory is not available? Just change the name of the signatory from the file, print again and it’s done. Rather than doing all of it by hand. Plus,

  • it’s as verified as a wet signature and protected by two-factor verifications.
Contract Management Software


After ensuring that all parties have signed the agreement, a contract Management review starts. How it helps:

  • Options of a separate folder for the same kind of files and search option wherever you need them has simplified the storage. CLM automatically links up the related documents together to make the search easier.
  • You can review the performance and compare it to what you expected and identify the risk at right time. Not just this but you can always share the document with anyone in the team and it will only show to the person you choose.


  • AI Manage and store legal documents online and provide insights on the state of business. AI helps businesses by enhancing efficiency and consistency.
  • Contract intelligence is the sum of contract Management and AI, dynamically analyze contracts.

How can AI help your business?

AI is known for its speedy translation and learning ability.

It can help your business by saving time because it can review multiple documents in seconds and not just that in modern days it is capable of writing files and let your labor work more on ideas and strategies.

Here are some ways by which AI can uplift your business:

  • It can review not just the summary but the entire portfolio even in masses quicker than humans.
  • Not just speed but your business can count on its accuracy too. As it is 95% accurate and according to the research human is only about 75%.
  • Automated dashboards and alerts help lawyers, managers, and businessmen to meet deadlines with confidence.
  • Not just deadlines but also enlightens you with the insights of a business for better future strategies.
  • AI can identify the inappropriate and mismatch clauses in bulk and update them according to your choice, which saves time.

Evisort is contract intelligence. The only platform that provides end-to-end contract management. Visit to know more.

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