Content Writing VS Ghost Writing. Which one is better?

One of the most complicated topics you can read to date. How come two specialist writers come head-to-head?! Every writer has their by-word forte, and destined to produce exceptional paperwork for clients in their respected fields. However, the aforementioned two writer’s concept are irrefutably quite challenging.

If we’re looking to initiate a scuffle of vocabulary and catchwords between content writing and ghostwriting, it would be a draw. Since both of the writing styles uses the same linguistic (English) to gain attention of readers, there’s nothing much you can do to pick the best one. However, in every field there a certain line in between; a demarcation of across-the-board skillset in each expert writer’s backpack.

One may be inquisitive, and curious to know which ones better. This is the main reason we’ve put down this blog to clear your snooping thoughts, and give our final verdict.

First the unambiguous difference between Content Writing and Ghost Writing:


First, the content writer. It’s an individual practiced in writing all-embracing content types that impart knowledge, educate clients about services, and highlights core information. A content writer is probably hired by a company to meet their marketing prospects through writing. These types of writers put down words and follow specific keywords here and there to optimize it according to SEO guidelines.


On the other hand, ghostwriting is done by a ghost writer sitting behind a computer screen far from a corporate office. This type of writer is generally hired by ghostwriting services agencies who receive outsourced writing projects from global e-commerce companies. Unlike content writers, they’re not allowed to accredit blogs, articles, or anything they’ve written under their signature. They’re paid for their words, and that’s it. However, a client’s “tipping” courtesy and complimentary gifts are not included in this rule of payment.


Both have strings that pull them apart, both have their own dedicated characteristics that set them on the sails when it comes to output brilliant conclusions. First a little synopsis you must go through:

“Content writers and ghostwriters are exceptional writers when we talk in the marketing sense. For instance, both can write for E-commerce websites, social media platforms, manage Twitter accounts with killer two-liners, caption Instagram snaps, and whatnot. But the truth is, one isn’t accredited for journalistic and narrative works, while the other (content writer) is somewhat acknowledged by a “thank you” note in their emails.”

Expect these key variations for the following writer types:

1. Content Writers:

These words specialists have excellent communication skills to connect with their clients, while ghostwriters shy away, and work under a ghostwriting company. Content writers are qualified proofreaders, and editing is endowed in their nature. They’re good narrators, have exceptional research skills, and know how to manage social media platforms.

2. Ghost Writers:

The attributes of this type of writer are somewhat similar yet are different from content writers. They have more flair in their writing skills. Ghostwriters are self-confident, and have better knowledge for longer write-ups (e-books). They’re expert in organizing format-oriented content such as journals and dissertations. If content writers are good editors, then ghostwriters have the knack to make publish-worthy works.

The Final Verdict:

The ultimate truth is both are talented in their own capacities, when it comes to writing. But, it’s actually us that should know who fits our required prospects better – the content writer, or the ghostwriter?


Lauren Henderson is a web content writer, and guest blogger, who offers unique and professional content writing services to online business entrepreneurs.