Contemporary Floor Plans You Need to See

Homeowners are embracing contemporary floor layouts in droves as they give their living spaces a clean, modern vibe. The floor designs’ simplicity, openness, and plenty of natural light make them and the house beautiful. Custom home builders in Perth can help you shape your home the way you want by suggesting the right contemporary floor plans. First, however, consider the floor designs covered in this article to experiment with more ideas.

1. Split-Level Floor Plan

A split-level floor plan is a unique format with a few levels that are only a couple of steps separated from each other. This design provides a fantastic method to separate living spaces while keeping the home open. For example, the primary level might have the parlor, kitchen, and eating region, while the upper level could incorporate the rooms and washrooms.

2. Ranch-Style Floor Plan

The ranch-style floor plan is an increasingly common option among homeowners looking for an updated style with a comfortable and useful layout. This layout often contains all the bedrooms and living areas on one level, with a huge open floor plan that is excellent for hosting guests. In addition, the layout frequently has a huge main bedroom, a roomy living area, and a contemporary kitchen.

3. Floor Plan in the Loft Style

A loft-style floor plan is ideal for designing a distinctive and contemporary living area. This design has many windows, open areas, and high ceilings. A huge living space, an open kitchen, and a roomy bedroom are generally included in the design. This design is great for journalists, painters, and other inventors who believe heaps of room should fan out and loosen up.

4. Farmhouse Modern Floor Plan

The modern farmhouse floor plan is a well-liked contemporary style that blends the appeal of a classic farmhouse with contemporary comforts. This design often has a huge, open living space, a contemporary kitchen, and a roomy primary bedroom. In addition, a big front porch and several windows are frequently used in the design to maximize natural light. JAV Developments Luxury Homes can provide you with the professionals to help you build your home using a modern farmhouse floor plan. 

5. Floor Plan in The Cottage Style

The cottage-style floor plan is ideal for individuals seeking a warm, welcoming, and charmingly contemporary living environment. This design often includes a sizable living space, a sleek kitchen, and a roomy primary bedroom. In addition, a front porch, a fireplace, and many windows are frequently incorporated into the design to maximize natural light.

6. Open Concept Floor Plan

The open-concept floor plan is among the most well-liked modern floor layouts. Walls that generally divide living areas are taken down in this design to create a single, spacious area that often integrates the living room, dining room, and kitchen. This style gives off an open, breezy feeling ideal for contemporary living. Additionally, it promotes family unity and makes it simple to host visitors while cooking and interacting with family members.


A sleek, contemporary living area is ideal for modern living and may be created with the help of contemporary floor plans. There is an arrangement that will suit your solicitations, whether you’re searching for an open-thought floor plan, a split-level floor plan, or a two-story floor plan. Therefore, remember one of these contemporary floor designs while remodeling or building a new house. If you are still deciding between many plans, you can seek the best assistance from custom home builders in Perth