Consumers In The UK May Be Booking Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Ahead Of Summer Breaks

Summer holidays provide people with a chance to escape the pressures of daily life and to truly relax and unwind. These days, there are many stunning vacation destinations for individuals to choose from, and beach resorts in sunny climes tend to prove especially popular among Britons.

However, consumers can find their experiences fail to fully live up to expectations if they feel self-conscious in their summer clothes and beachwear. One option available to anyone who does not relish the prospect of being scantily clad while abroad is to invest in cosmetic surgery.

Lots of options

There are now plenty of treatments for people to choose from. For example, women who are unhappy with their breasts can opt for augmentation procedures. Other popular treatments include liposuction, tummy tucks and anti-ageing procedures.

A rise in demand?

Demand for cosmetic surgery may rise over the coming weeks and months. After all, the holiday season is creeping ever closer, and many consumers may be considering plastic surgery to help ensure they look the part on their summer sojourns.

According to TNS consumer research conducted for Travel Weekly, over half of the families planning overseas trips this year will jet off during the peak summer season. The study, which was conducted late last year, found that 51 per cent of the families planning holidays over the course of 2014 intend to set off between July and September.

This could mean that cosmetic surgery providers see a spike in interest ahead of the summer months.

It was also found that only 18 percent of families with children under the age of five were planning a holiday between April and June, while the same proportion intended to go on a winter holiday.

More stats

In addition, the survey revealed that adults with no children are around twice as likely as those with kids to take more than one overseas holiday per year. Whereas 20 per cent of adults without youngsters plan to head off on more than one vacation abroad, only 11 per cent of their counterparts with children will do likewise.

Meanwhile, in signs that people are feeling more confident in their finances, the study found that 34 per cent of those planning a holiday expect to spend more this year.

Timing is key

Anyone who intends to take advantage of the various cosmetic surgery treatments on offer ahead of their vacations this year should bear in mind the importance of timing. It is vital that consumers leave themselves enough time after the procedures to fully recover.

To get the full lowdown on the treatments now available, consumers can head online. There is a wealth of information on the web for people to peruse. Meanwhile, before making any decisions regarding procedures, it is really important that individuals discuss their options in detail with the relevant experts.

By making sure they are fully in the know before agreeing to any treatments, consumers can ensure they make the best decisions and they should feel confident about their plans too.

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