Construction Lighting: Aspects to Keep in Mind

Depending upon the nature of the construction sites that are erected, there can be either temporary construction lights or permanent ones. The choice depends on many factors, and plenty of consideration must go into it before making the final choice. 

When is Temporary Lighting a Better Choice

1. Construction sites are often temporary make-shift structures. They are shifted as soon as the work is completed. Depending on the period the setup has been created, temporary lighting can be a good choice. However, temporary lighting may not be a good idea if the setup is likely to last several years. 

2. A lot at a construction site depends on the prevailing budget. Temporary lighting solutions are cheap compared to permanent ones. Choices need to be commensurate with the budget, therefore. 

3. Temporary lights are flexible. You can change or alter their locations from time to time, depending upon the requirements. Some areas may need more illumination than others. Additional lighting backup may be needed for support. 

4. Temporary lights are easier to install. Installation charges are minimal too. This could prove to be a vital attribute in making a choice. Streamer lights, for example, could be a great flexible lighting option for construction sites. 

Temporary lighting solutions may not have as much stability and longevity. This is why timelines need to be considered before making a choice. Make sure you pick the right solution to minimize time losses due to infrastructural breakdowns. 

The Importance of Construction Lighting Set-Ups

When we speak of setting up lights for a construction site, it is not about aesthetics. The practicalities of the lighting solution are what matters. Safety is the most important concern when it comes to construction lighting solutions. In addition, it can be employed for carrying out work at night, when daylight may not be enough for completing the work, or when the activities for construction need to be conducted at night only owing to the ambiance in climate and temperatures. 

Site lighting can therefore be used to either light up a construction site internally or carry out specific tasks. It is always the contractor’s responsibility to ensure that the construction site is sufficiently illuminated! 

Some Things to Keep in Mind while Setting Up Construction Sites 

  • Proper lighting is necessary for productivity, labor safety, and ensuring good quality work.
  • Construction sites continue to develop. This is why sufficient lighting is necessary for timely evacuation during emergencies. Construction sites that have been temporarily set up do not have permanent or well-defined evacuation routes. They will need to do with whatever they have! Therefore, the place needs to be lit up sufficiently at all times. 
  • Construction materials, as well as portable equipment is needed to be moved from one place to the other throughout the project progression. This is why a serious injury could occur unless the place is sufficiently lighted. 

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