Construction Equipment Transport

Oftentimes, construction equipment transport companies are able to help you move equipment to different locations. When you are planning to move your construction equipment, make sure that you have the necessary information so that you can get it done efficiently. Whether you need to transport an excavator, a crane, or other heavy equipment, you can find out what it takes to do it right the first time.

Construction equipment transportation

Whether you’re transporting construction equipment across the country or overseas, there are a number of options you can choose from. It’s important to select a reliable company that will get you the equipment safely, on time, and in one piece.

One of the most popular options is to use a flatbed trailer. These can handle heavy loads and are level. This makes loading machines much easier.

A removable gooseneck trailer is also a popular option for hauling heavy equipment. These trailers can haul up to 150,000 pounds. This equipment is ideal for transporting pavers and other oversized items.

A shipping container is another option for transporting heavy construction equipment. This option can reduce duties, but can also require the equipment to be assembled before being shipped.

How is construction equipment transported?

Depending on the size of your project, you may have multiple pieces of large equipment that need to be transported. These pieces of equipment will vary in size and weight. Some can be shipped in one piece while others will require disassembly.

The process of transporting construction equipment can be quite complicated. It involves a combination of securing the equipment and following federal and state regulations. Some pieces of equipment need special permits before they can be shipped.

In most cases, the most efficient way to transport construction equipment is through trucking. Using a flatbed truck will be less expensive than transporting the equipment in a special shipping container. In addition, you may be able to remove certain attachments to reduce costs.

How do you transport an excavator?

Whether you are shipping an excavator to your project site or moving it to another location, you need to follow certain safety measures to ensure the safe transportation of your equipment. Following these steps will ensure your excavator’s safety and protect the road.

The first step to transporting an excavator is to choose a reliable transport vehicle. This can be a truck or trailer with a low or high load rating. The weight of your excavator and its attachments can affect the load rating of your vehicle. Find out what your transport vehicle’s load rating is in your equipment owner’s manual.

Once your excavator is positioned, secure it using chains and straps. Chains should be used to secure the front and rear wheels. You should also ensure your excavator has a safe clearance between the ground and the trailer.

Florida Oversize Load Transport

Whether you are a private driver, a broker, a trucking company, or a construction equipment company, you must obtain a Florida oversize load transport permit to operate an oversized load on state roadways. These permits are issued by the Florida Department of Transportation Permits Office.

Obtaining a Florida oversize load transport permit is simple. You just need to fill out an application. The application is available on the Florida DOT website. The permit is good for a period of ten days. This permit will allow you to operate an oversize load on state roadways during the time frame specified.

If your load is wider than 14 feet, you must have an escort vehicle. You may also need an escort vehicle if your load is over 95 feet long.

Heavy Equipment Transport Company in Florida

Choosing a professional heavy equipment transport company is the smart way to go. A good one will offer competitive pricing and reliable service. Aside from handling the logistics of your load, they will also provide 24-hour customer service. The right company will also be able to keep up with your construction project schedule. They will be able to provide a free quote for shipping heavy machinery.

There are many online calculators that will help you estimate the cost of shipping your heavy equipment. The size of your load and distance will determine how much it will cost. The larger your load, the more you will need to spend on transportation services. A good-sized flatbed trailer requires a forklift, crane, and specialized towing equipment.