Construction Business Growth Options

As a contractor one thing is for certain and that is to optimise business tools while simultaneously growing a safe and profitable business. Nevertheless, the path taken towards achieving this objective may vary significantly from contractor to contractor as every contractor is unique in his or her own way. For most entrepreneurs it would generally revolve around making capital investments and increasing the number of workers in order to be able to take on bigger and more profitable projects. Similarly, others might look at gaining competitive advantage when making project bids by offering more elements of success for projects such as niche equipment which involves equipment such as mini dumpers or mini excavators. There may be even some who rent out equipment as a growth tactic which is common among contractors who supplement income through rentals of heavy equipment, such as skid steer loaders, mini excavator rental, boom lifts, mini dumpers, backhoes and their relevant attachments suited for the projects.


From another perspective, contractors who do not own such equipment, renting would be indeed very helpful when the returns justify renting such equipment that could potentially reduce the requirement for raw manual labour. It is also a good tactic to preserve working capital funds that would be handy to have when a new job comes along that requires such equipment or even when there is a boom in the economy. Once these types of equipment are acquired expanding the business to ‘specialty or niche equipment rental’ would help ease the figures on ROAs or return on assets to more appreciable levels. Having such equipment also allows business owners to take on smaller and unique jobs that go beyond the scope of current projects without having to rent or purchase new equipment which will certainly aid in expanding the business.


The fact that specialty equipment rentals has quickly grown to become the largest growth segment in the rental business today mainly goes to Melbourne mini excavator rentals and mini dumper hire that are commonly used by smaller contractors for home improvement projects or landscaping projects due to the ability of these machines to reduce cost and improve timeframes. The reason behind the popularity of these compact machines are due to the fact that these machines are light, can be fitted with rubber tracks that offer ground protection for projects that are environmentally sensitive or projects that require working on gentle landscaped grounds. 


Hence, regardless of the fact whether you own such equipment or have to resort to renting such equipment, the need for such niche equipment within the sphere of the construction business has become evident and keeping up with business trends is an essential aspect of any given business no matter the industry. The emergence of SMEs (small and medium enterprises) within the construction sector has given the ‘rental’ segment a much-needed boost due to the demand for smaller projects which mainly revolve around home improvement and landscaping projects which help property owners to boost the value of the properties that they own.