Consider Using Illustrations For Web Design

If you are preparing for your website project, you have to decide whether to use illustrations or photography. This is not always clear and both have their pros and cons.  You have to consider the costs, the time involved, and the fundamental resources. You need to communicate your message as both of these avenues are completely different whether conceptual, abstract, literal, or realistic.

It’s critical for a business to have a website adequately designed to offer its audience relevant content and an excellent user experience.  Web designers worldwide are constantly looking for better ways to improve sites and show their skills by delivering superior websites to their customers. Illustrations have become the chosen avenue to enhance so many aspects involved in web design.  Designers understand that you cannot just implement navigation elements and blocks of text on a website and call it a done deal. Today’s designers must be experts in so many areas, including illustrations.

To help you make the right decision, read our five reasons to choose illustration over photography for your web design projects. 

You Need To Convey Abstract Ideas

In some cases, expressing the ideas you want to get across will decide whether the illustration is the right course of action. Abstract topics or themes might not come to mind but can be brought to life with images.

For example, you are meeting with a business owner regarding their strategy and their demand for photography. This could allow you to discover their individuality and help express their personality.

If you will be running an ad campaign, it’s unnecessary to have photography involved to create a reality to make it more approachable. Perhaps you are looking for a celebrity endorsement, but when you try to get across more abstract brand values, innovation illustrations will probably do the trick vs. photographs.

Tell A Story

Storytelling is a popular phrase for the branding and advertising industry.  A compelling story is very effective for grabbing your audience while getting the message home regarding your brand’s personality and purpose.

Illustrations are the perfect choice for walking an audience through a brand’s story by showing characters or illustrated scenes.  Creating a subtle narrative will get across to people about so many different brands.

Mascots or characters can be very appealing such as the gecko in the Geico commercials. Characters can express an attitude of a brand in a tangible, relatable manner. These characters can offer endless opportunities for business expansion and platforms, such as Tony The Tiger gracing Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes’ cereal boxes for so many years.

Another example is Smokey The Bear used for campaigns for preventing forest fires with the slogan “Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires”. Illustrations can be critical for issues that are important to a brand. They can deliver great messages for educational purposes while remaining eye-appealing.

Use Illustrations When Projects Are Too Ambitious For Photography

There are times when there are limitations in a project, such as your budget. Illustrations can be a creative outlet taking the most monotonous steps involved in a photoshoot. Illustrations are so flexible, and you can represent anything you wish.

There are no doubts photographs can create many displays from futuristic to fantasy, but it will come at a high price. If you want some degree of realism, create a collage illustration. Keep in mind, when choosing the right style of painting, there are no boundaries to your imagination.

Visualize Data 

Over the past ten years, infographics have grown in leaps and bounds in popularity due to visual sharing platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. These platforms and others are engaging and expanding thoughts everywhere. Infographics are taking complex information and making it easier to understand and digest by turning them into visual formats. This is where illustration comes into play where photography cannot.  Take some of your creativity along with a boring spreadsheet and turn it into something visually exciting! There is no doubt; infographics are here to stay, whether visualizing corporate statistics for an annual meeting,  forming a fresh perspective on global events, or anything else.

You Need To Use The Right Style

Photographers have their trademark and style; they are still limited because a camera never lies.  Having a photography campaign and careful art direction will help give your brand flexibility; it will never be as unique or distinct as a particular style through illustration.


Illustrations can bring design projects together, no matter if it’s for an event, a multi-platform campaign, or a simple brochure. By choosing the right style can make it come to life. Hiring a carefully directed photoshoot can be very expensive. On the other hand, with the cost of cameras going down and the quality of images from newer cameras going up,  photography is becoming more accessible for all brands. The illustration can help a brand stand out distinctively by carving a niche with a personal and individual perspective. 

Whether you are an independent web designer or a member of a web designing firm, you need to have the skills and the ability to bring various design techniques and elements into your project. Because the market is ruthless, you must have a way to stay ahead of your customer’s competitors. Suppose you can sit down with your customer, discuss the possibilities of using illustrations to place them within a business message, within branding, or by describing the products or services. In that case, your customer is going to appreciate your work. You will start building an excellent reputation based on reliability and your skills as a web design expert.

Whether you are a self-employed web designer or part of a San Francisco website design firm, you should be skilled and incorporate various design techniques and elements in your projects. The modern market is ruthless, so you must always be ahead of your competitors. If you have the opportunity, sit down with your customers, discuss the possibility of using illustrations, and incorporate them into branding, business message conveyance, and the depiction of their products or services. They will surely appreciate it, and you will be considered a more reliable web design expert than others.