10 Items to Include in a Confidence Booster Starter Pack for Young Female Professionals

If you’re a parent with a daughter who will be starting her first corporate job after university, there are many ways that you can support her during this very important time in her life. 

Words of encouragement can definitely help since she’s entering a world that is unfamiliar to her. But if you want something to boost her confidence, a starter pack is always a good idea.

A starter pack is a bundle of useful items for her new path in life. Here are ten items that you should include in one you’re putting together: 

1. A big designer tote or shoulder bag

A new professional needs a smart bag to hold all of her essentials, such as her laptop, planner, lunch box, and others. The bag should not just be functional, it should be stylish as well to make your daughter look professional. 

So, check out designer totes with a classic design and multiple compartments inside on the Internet. Not only will you be able to see a wider selection online, but you can also get a good deal with discounted top-quality designer bags from previous seasons.

2. A makeup kit

Even if your young professional still has a youthful glow and doesn’t need to wear makeup, a makeup palette would still make a useful gift. For sure, there will be occasions and events that will require her to glam up a bit. 

You can buy a complete makeup kit online, and it will include all that she needs to bring color to her face, such as a tube of mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, blush, and eyeshadow duo.

3. A bottle of cologne or perfume

Smelling good is a must in the workplace. It is one of the critical factors in setting a good impression. Therefore, a small bottle of fragrance that your daughter likes is worth including in her confidence-boosting starter package. It’s best to go with gentle scents though because pungent perfume can be off-putting for some people.

* You may also want to gift her with some aromatherapy oils, which come in a variety of formulas to enhance your daughter’s performance throughout her workday. There are aromatherapy scents that can tackle minor pains, fight sleepiness, and help improve cognitive performance.

4. An oral hygiene kit

Oral hygiene is vital in feeling fresh and looking presentable at work the whole day. You want your daughter to be able to freshen up after taking her lunch or snack break properly. The oral hygiene kit should have a small toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, small bottle of mouthwash, and minty gum or breath mints.

5. A small emergency kit

An emergency kit should offer a variety of solutions for problems that a young professional may encounter, such as a button that has popped off, blisters from wearing new shoes, and stains on her work outfit. Therefore, some of the things to place into this kit are pain relievers, disinfecting wipes, paper soap, stain eraser pen, a little sewing kit, safety pins, medicated plaster, small scissors, nail file, and clear nail polish.

6. A notebook

A pretty notebook will undoubtedly be useful for a young female professional. She can use it to jot down notes in meetings, write down her ideas, and quickly list vital information. Choose a professional-looking one such as a Moleskine journal notebook. Plus, throw in a nice pen.

7. A planner

It’s safe to assume that your daughter will need to manage her time more wisely now that she’ll be working full-time. Thus, a planner is worth throwing into the starter package as well. Choose a planner that has thoughtful sections for tasks to do, appointments, deadlines, contact details, and other valuable pieces of information that professionals need to stay on top of. 

Moleskine’s No Frills planner has a classic look to it, so it’s a good choice as a present to include in the package. Another worthy option is Erin Condren’s Tastefully Fun Planner.

8. Snacks

A starter package should always include edibles because there’s nothing like a bar of dark chocolate to outwork the feeling of stress. Also, it’s always good for busy professionals to have a few small edibles in their bags to keep them nourished as they tackle various tasks throughout the workday. 

Some of the best snacks are granola bars, packs of almonds (which are considered brain food), dark chocolate (for an instant energy boost), and crackers or saltines.

9. A hairbrush

Even short-haired girls need to have a hairbrush in their work bag every day. Well-groomed hair is another component of a professional appearance. You want to make sure that your daughter can quickly fix her hair after braving windy weather outdoors or squeezing through a crowd. 

You may also want to partner the hairbrush with a small bottle of hairspray so she wouldn’t have to keep on combing her hair throughout the day.

10. An elegant watch

Although most people would rather check their phone to know what time it is, a watch still makes for a better timepiece for young professionals. Firstly, it can elevate their overall style since a watch is also considered a piece of jewelry. And secondly, a watch is more convenient to use because it’s worn around the wrist, and it doesn’t need recharging. 

There are so many fancy watch designs to choose from. However, for a corporate look, you can’t go wrong with a metal or leather timepiece. Consider an Apple watch or smartwatch, which offers so much more functionalities than a regular watch if you want a high-performing timepiece for your daughter.

Your daughter’s first job is worth celebrating. Do acknowledge, however, that the experience will not be pleasant all the time for her. 

With a confidence booster starter pack, you can prepare her better for those sticky situations she may find herself in as a new professional. It may cost you a bit of money but there’s no doubt that she will appreciate your effort in looking after her even if she’s well on her way to total independence.