Everything You Need to Know About Conference Room Management Software

How Does Conference Room Management Software Work?

You can find meeting rooms, schedule meetings, and navigate your physical and hybrid spaces effectively with conference room management software. In the wake of COVID-19, organizations must find ways to:

  • Face-to-face meetings are safe
  • Space utilization should be increased
  • Effective collaboration
  • Productivity increase for employees
  • Schedule and book appointments automatically

Conference Room Management Software: What Are the Functions?

Booking a meeting room on the EMS meeting and room scheduling app is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. With the EMS app or Direct Spaces mobile app, you can look at things like floor plans, room availability, tech resources, and more to determine the best available room for your needs.
  2. From there, you can easily check in and secure the space. In addition to being automatically invited, users can modify or find reservation details directly at their fingertips.
  3. You can cancel your reservation and notify your attendees quickly and easily if your plans change or the space no longer works for you.
  4. You can easily keep track of what spaces have been booked, and you can use the information to facilitate sanitation, social distancing, and more.

Why Should You Use Conference Room Management Software?

Businesses and campuses can benefit from conference room management software. Among the benefits are:

Make use of all the tools you love

You can connect conference room management software like EMS to all of your favorite calendaring tools, such as Exchange, Google Calendar, Outlook and Office 365.

Rooms To Fit Your Needs

Taking into account details like number of attendees, room layout, technological capabilities, and more can help you find the right room.

Analyze data to make informed decisions

Analyzing your costs, workplace design, and sanitation efforts through robust analytics can help you make informed decisions. In addition to increasing employee safety, this can result in lower overall costs.

Managing Reservations Effectively

You can easily cancel your meeting if a participant cancels last-minute or you realize that a particular space won’t work.

Increase productivity

Collaboration and technology are streamlined with EMS. The result is greater employee productivity, satisfaction, and safety.

Safety for employees

Capacity limits, health checks, and sanitation schedules can prevent overcrowding and facilitate social isolation

Conflicts in scheduling should be avoided

With EMS, you are only able to find, schedule, and book meetings in rooms that are available. As a result, scheduling becomes more efficient, errors are reduced, double bookings are avoided, and scheduling conflicts are avoided.

Optimize the use of space

The underutilization of office space and conference rooms can reduce revenue and productivity in the long run. The use of a conference room scheduling app such as EMS allows you to predict utilization trends and implement changes to optimize space utilization over time.

Administration should be reduced

Administrative tasks are often inefficient and costly. You can automate many of these tasks with a conference room management tool, thus saving time and increasing productivity.

How Does A Conference Room Management Software Work?

Software for scheduling conference rooms has many features to consider. Some of them are:

Capabilities for checking in and updating

Your team can use EMS to check into meetings, send updates, end meetings, and free up space for other users.

Providing a Multi-Device Solution

Having access to mobile and multi-site tools is essential today. An EMS can be accessed via laptop, smartphone, kiosk, tablet, and more.

Capabilities related to mobile

Through EMS Direct Spaces, you can self-serve and book appropriate spaces, locate them on a map, update reservations and more while you’re on the go.

Security and privacy controls

In order to protect your sensitive meeting information, you can use many credentials, including SAML SSO, Google, and Microsoft.

Analyses and insights based on comprehensive data

You can use comprehensive analytics to gain deep insights into room capacity, utilization, and usage hours. Using this information, we can make better decisions and save money in the long run.