Concrete Floors Do Not Require Any Special Equipment

Concrete flooring is often referred to as a power washer, floor machine cleaner, or floor scrubber when people talk about it. They all refer to different types and types of specialized equipment for cleaning concrete and cement floors.

“Do I need special equipment to clean my concrete floor?” This is the question. This question can only be answered by assessing the state of the floor. It is best to hire a professional cleaner who will use specialized equipment. Routine cleaning and staining concrete floors are easy with basic cleaning supplies. You only need to have the right knowledge about how concrete floors can be cleaned without special equipment. We have it for you!

What Are The Best Cleaning Products For Concrete Flooring?

Before cleaning concrete floors, it is important to understand the finish. This will allow you to choose the right cleaning products and tools. For sealed concrete, a pH-neutral cleaner will be required. This Terminator HSD concrete cleaner can remove stains and give it a revitalized appearance. Avoid harsh cleaners or treatments like vinegar, lemon extract, and ammonia as they can damage concrete if they are not properly protected. You can use brooms and dust mops to clean concrete floors.

We have solutions for cleaning unfinished concrete in both residential and commercial buildings.

Sealed Concrete Floor Cleaning

Cleaning concrete, both finished and unfinished can be difficult because cracks and/or cut grout lines can collect dirt and germs. This can make it look ugly. If you notice any dirt or filth on the floor, you should inspect it thoroughly and have them cleaned. This can be done before or following the floor’s cleaning. These are the steps you should follow to clean grime and stains off your sealed concrete floor.

  1. Use a microfiber dust mop, or static broom to remove dust and debris. Some cleaning tools are more effective than others because they can pick up dust. Another option is a vacuum cleaner. However, if you don’t have the right brush attachment to cover the beater bars or metal section, it is not recommended as it could leave scratches on your concrete floor.
  2. Even with a pH-neutral cleaner, it is important to keep your concrete floors as dry as possible. A moist microfiber mop, preferably one with a flat head, and a moderate cleaning product are recommended to maintain concrete floors on a weekly schedule. You can spot clean stains/marks with a damp mop if your flooring gets mildly dirty.
  3. A little polishing is required for polished or stained concrete floors. This will help to bring back the gloss. A commercial product might be recommended, depending on the finish.

Unfinished Concrete Floor Cleaning

Many people neglect the concrete surrounding their home until it begins to become stained from foot traffic or exposure to the elements. Garages may have oil stains and muddy tire tracks that will need to be cleaned. Follow these steps if your unfinished concrete flooring needs routine cleaning:

  1. You can sweep the floor with a hard or semi-hard straw bristle broom. Then, collect any dirt in a dustpan. A leaf blower is a good option if you have to deal with fine material. This will dramatically improve the appearance and quality of unfinished concrete.
  2. Unfinished concrete stains can be removed with a non-wired scrub brush, a mild cleaner, or a pH-neutral product. The cleanser should be applied to the affected area. Next, scrub the area in circular movements. After the floor dries completely, inspect it carefully and if necessary repeat the procedure.
  3. You may need to use professional stain removers such as bleach or a degreaser if the stain has had time to set in.