Comprehensive Rules of Google Which Will Have Significant Impact in 2020

Google is a platform that regularly changes its rules to keep up with the changing trends and provide more and more profitable changes so that businesses can keep excelling. Business owners and marketers look forward to these changes every once in a while as they have to form their strategies around these rules for the most benefits. The rules have changed for the year 2020 and our experts at online class help have come up with a deep analysis of these rules so that you can view them and plan a strategy accordingly.

Rule No. 1

Speed Up

Google has decided to keep track of all the websites that have slow speeds and reaction time. Many website owners believe that designing a cool website and uploading unique content will alone bring them traffic. However, that is not the case. Reaction time is very important for Google as it shows how interesting your website is and if you can maintain engagement with the visitor. If your website takes ages to open up, many people will leave it as soon as possible. The audience online has short attention spans and will not wait for your website to open up. They will quickly jump on to the next one in order. Therefore, according to the new rules, you must make changes and bring your reaction time to an acceptable time.

Rule No. 2

AI Joins In

Artificial intelligence has taken the world by a storm. It has also penetrated the way Google works. Now AI will monitor each website and see why one piece of content is more popular than the other. Using this comparison, it will segregate websites and rank them as per popularity. Businesses should improve their content and make changes that will help them put themselves higher up the ranking.

Rule No. 3

Long Or Short?

Google has reviewed websites with different lengths of content and has come up with the conclusion that despite popular belief, websites with shorter content did not do well. They didn’t have enough visitors and even the visitors that they had, left in a short while. On the other hand, websites with longer content had more visitors and the visitors spent a long time there. So this year, Google has decided to closely study the two different types of websites and see which one does best. Whichever type does best will be favoured by Google.

Rule No. 4

Content > Ads

Google has decided that better-written content which is informative and engaging will be preferred over advertisements. After much study google found out that paid ads were not as successful as people believed and were becoming a waste of money. The cost of these ads keep increasing every year but the results are not as per the prices. Looking at this business are now required to avoid wasting money in ads and start investing in producing an engaging web copy so that you can have more and more visitors.

Rule No. 5

CTR & Dwell Time

Click through rate and dwelling time will be the focus of Google ranking this year. The time that each visitor spends on a website will now matter greatly. This will be the criterion used for website ranking. Google will track the performance of every website and then see the pattern of visitors to use for ranking purposes. 

Rule No. 6

Video Content

Videos are increasingly popular on all platforms and have beat all other concepts garnering the most audience. People now do not even open their television sets and watch YouTube videos all day long to get all the information they need. AS internet is easily accessible now, people are more inclined towards these videos as they are easy to view and can be viewed wherever and whenever they want. Therefore, it is established that the masses want to see videos. Realizing this google has decided that you must produce high-quality video content so that you can engage more people. It has advised people to use searchable keywords in these videos and they will get more traffic.

Rule No. 7

Mobile UX

Since the whole world has moved online and on their phones, Google has decided to use this to rank websites. Websites which have a better interface for mobile users are likely to get ranked better. According to research, it has been founded that more and more people use their mobile phones to search for things and if your website is not fast enough or does not support mobile users, you will not get enough traffic and visitors will leave in a jiffy. This is why you must have a better mobile interface to rank high on google.

Rule No. 8

Better Snippet

Images have always attracted the attention of the web audience. Google has decided to ask websites to include more snippets on their pages. As per trends, it has been discovered that snippet based pages receive the most clicks and are highly popular. To incorporate these snippets on your pages you can use them to answer queries and even replace written content with them. It will also make your websites more aesthetically pleasing and grasp the attention of onlookers.

Rule No. 9


We all want the advice of someone we trust. We usually don’t buy a product or do something that an influencer has advised against. Influencers influence our lives greatly in this era. Businesses have come to the understanding that to win the hearts of the public they must first target the influencers and bring them on their team. Google has concluded that if your website has influencer backlinks or mentions you will be able to get more customers as the audience trusts these influencers and because of them, you will be able to market to a large population. Therefore, start establishing good relationships with the influencers and get them to talk about your products and services.

Rule No. 10

Voice Search

People have not yet understood the potential of voice search but google has. In 2020 if your website supports voice search you will be able to get more traffic. People are now avoiding having to type in the search bars and are using voice search technology to look for things they want. Since most of the traffic comes from mobile phones, this feature has a lot of potentials and is being used excessively. To keep up with the trends google has decided to ask websites to upgrade. It will also help your SEO as voice search optimization can help you bring your business to the very top.

These rules have been designed by great experts and are only there for your benefit. It is about time that you keep up with the trends and show flexibility so that people can see your business and you can get more online success which will result in better and stable sales. Hopefully, our online class help experts have been successful in explaining these rules and their workings to you. Have a good year and make the most of these rules for your business!

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