Complete review of WISO Steuer-Web 2022

The web-based application completes your income type’s online current income tax return. You can save a tonne of money and time by using automatic functions to create and deliver your electronic tax paperwork.

If you’d like, WISO Steuer-Web will walk you through your tax case in a question-and-answer session after you get the license. With just a few clicks, the online tool transfers data from the previous year’s edition into the digital tax records. Use your tablet or smartphone to take a picture of the receipts so that the user interface can process them further. Send the tax forms straight to the tax office after you’ve checked them for holes, mistakes, and plausibility.

Wiso Tax Savings Declaration Plus

We also suggest the tax savings declaration plus, a program that has been in existence for more than 26 years. Although it is more graphically appealing, the Wiso Steuer-direct Sparbuch’s rival is only accessible as PC or Mac software. Neither a smartphone entry nor a browser entry exists. Your data is encrypted and kept on your hard disc.

You can follow the “red thread” if you have little experience with taxes. Consequently, you won’t overlook anything. Both the assistance resources and the informative materials are highly beneficial. However, the input might be improved: Many sub-masks need to be completed, verified, and saved. Although there are quicker ways to go where you want to go, you can be certain that you won’t forget anything.

What can you do with it?

Without having your certificate, you can use the software to retrieve your information from the tax office and have it automatically insert it into your declaration. But when it comes to sending, things are different. In this case, creating your file in the Elster portal is a hassle.

Throughout the year, you can scan your receipts and submit them with your tax return. You may even carry out this task while on the go using your smartphone and the free receipt organizer app.

Photovoltaic module

Owners of solar systems and independent contractors must have the Plus version. The photovoltaic module, however, is only available for 2022. That is entirely reasonable: The manufacturer claims that following the end of the year, the data in the sales tax advance return is used to automatically prepare the income surplus invoice, the trade tax return, and the sales tax return. That’s brilliant, but the opposite means that if you want the explanations for this year, you either have to take the convoluted detour via the typical profit calculation or buy the edition from the previous year.

Normally, five tax returns with the tax savings declaration plus cost 44.95 euros per tax year. However, for employees, the basic form of the tax savings declaration 2022 is adequate. For Mac users, retirees, and educators, there are specific variations. However, neither of these nor the 2022 tax savings declaration for temporary employment have been tested. The latter is available for free download from this page. Simply provide your name and email address to get started. In 2021, you should have been working part-time and shouldn’t have had any additional sources of money. 

Advice: If you own a modest solar system or a combined heat and power plant, you can now decide if you want to run it as a hobby rather than for profit. As a result, this activity is not relevant for tax purposes. Then, neither your income nor your spending would be taxable, and you wouldn’t need to report them on your tax return.

You must apply to your tax office if you want that (here is the letter from the Federal Ministry of Finance dated October 29, 2021 ). It is also possible to select sales tax or hobby for sales tax. Small business owners must, however, comply with different regulations and file a different application to the tax office.

Wiso Tax Professional

The publisher of the Wiso tax savings book is the force behind the Tax series. The programs are thus quite similar to one another. On the computer, you can only install Tax Professional as software. For Mac users, nothing. There is also no connectivity to the cloud. Your hard disc houses your data, which is encrypted. Unlike Wiso, the software does not allow you to archive receipts; you are responsible for doing so.

Tax, on the other hand, is simpler to understand and use. Without having your certificate, you can still exchange data with the tax office. You will be given all the resources required to perform calculations and use reference materials. Making use of the “Pilot” interview mode helps you remember everything.

Normally, Tax Professional costs EUR 39.99. The software may be set up on three computers, and you can produce a whopping 15 tax returns per tax year. You pay more than five euros less when you subscribe.

Platform independence

While it’s not required, it’s convenient if you can begin your tax return on a Windows or Mac computer and continue working on it later on a smartphone or tablet. Here, web-based applications have an advantage. Additionally removed is the need for installation and the limitation to specific operating systems. Although the Wiso series is a pioneer in this field, web-based programs like Smartsteuer, Steuerbot, and Taxfix have also shown to be effective.

The top option for everyone who wishes to reduce their tax burden

In every scenario, WISO Steuer-Mac excels. Additionally for entrepreneurs, investors, or landlords. because the software provides an understandable movie that explains everything. Even the TÜV has evaluated the usability.

Auto filling

Intelligent data transfer from the previous year’s taxes, automatically pre-filled declarations with information from the bank account and the tax office, paperless submission even without an ELSTER certificate of your own, and many more features.

Save taxes

More than 150 videos with advice, in-depth tax guidance, precise reimbursement calculations, tax assessment notice examiners, simulation game modes, wage tax reduction applications, and much more.


Submission of the tax return with ELSTER or as a printout, automatic assessment with objection proposal, templates and sample letters, a rapid net salary calculator, selection of the most advantageous tax class, inheritance, Riester, and much more are available.

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