The Complete Printer Error Codes Complete HP Printer Error Code List Solutions

Printers have peculiar languages. If something isn’t right in their printers, they don’t simply explain what’s wrong. Instead, they’ll deliver a strange sequence of numbers that is jumbled and then expect you to know what it signifies. What a pity! We’re here to give you the solution of all errors about hp printers if you have a different printer like Canon and you want a solution of the Canon printer then visit Different Canon Printer Error Codes For the solution.

An extensive HP printer Error Code list!

Whatever kind or model of HP printer or computer that you own, you’ll discover the easy steps for fixing all of the issues listed below. Most errors are the result of the same troubleshooting process behind the issue to get your printer or device functioning and we’ve bundled them together to help ease your confusion and allow you to get back printing. Let’s tackle the criminals who are holding your documents in a bind and making your screen look blue.

HP Error Code 49, also called HP Error Code 49.4 c02

Let’s begin with a typical one, but one that is a bit naughty, however. It’s the HP print error 49.4c02 is usually a sign that puts your printer in a loop that tells that you need to switch off, then back on, only to it keeps popping up. What can you do to solve it? In a typical situation it will show up in the form of the HP Officejet 4630 error code because of a problem within your printer queue and you must clean it. If you’re concerned about losing your printing jobs you can save them before clearing the queue. regardless, this will resolve this issue. HP Printer error message 49.4 C02 most times.

If not, it suggests your printer needs the firmware update, which means you’ll need to go to the HP downloads section to download the most current firmware for the HP printer model. After that, start the printer. If you’re still seeing this HP Error Code 49.4c02 following this procedure, one of the various hardware components within the printer has failed and must be replaced. (or even the printing device itself in case you’d prefer)

Hp Smart Test Error Code 3303

This is a serious error to make. Why? Because while some errors can be fixed with a simple solution and are typically associated with the printer, however, the HP 303 error code signifies the hard disk might be malfunctioning in some way. The good news is that the 303 error is not a printer issue, but instead an issue with the hard drive on your computer. The negative is that you’ll need to replace the hard drive, and we suggest that you back up all the information on it as soon as you can before it falls further and then purchases an entirely new drive.

HP Recovery Manager Failure Error FFFFFF15 is also called HP Error Code 0xe0ef0003.

You’ve saved your files with HP Recovery Manager. You’ve backed up your files through HP Recovery Manager and are experiencing this FFFFFF 15 error. It could be a sign of either the hard drive may not have enough space to restore the backup files, or you have a problem with the hard disk that is on your PC.

The first step is to clear some gigabytes in your drive. Once you’ve done that, switch to safe mode. Restart the computer and check whether you’re still receiving the error. If so, open the Command Prompt, type Chkdsk /f, then press Enter and then restart your computer. This will examine to verify the quality that your hard drive has.

If you’re still not able to solve the issue, it could be because there was a mismatch during the time you changed your operating systems to Windows 7/8/10. You’re basically in a no-man’s place and the older Recovery is probably ineffective. Many refer to this as “the HP Envy Error Code: The user was not satisfied with the system that was provided by the manufacturer and believed they could improve their experience by upgrading (or to downgrade).


Printing today is pretty much out of necessity. You don’t need to have a lot of printed materials to be able to utilize the services of a printer but still, it is important that you can be able to use your printer at any given time. There are times when your printer may not work properly, which might cause a lot of stress in your everyday life. With, you will know what to do when your printer gives you issues with printing. Problems that arise in printers. It’s definitely worth a look if you’ve run into trouble with your printer and you’re trying to fix it.


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