– Online Portal that Saves people from scam and cyber fraud – Introduction and Preface:

Technological advancement has brought marvelous changes and innovations in our lives but on the other hand, it gives birth to several new challenges. Cybercrime and other online frauds are among the top issues and these problems came into existence due to technological improvement. Keeping in view the emerging issues, it is imperative to have any constructive platform available to help the general public with this issue. is the platform that has come up with the vision to resolve the issues of cybercrimes and others. This is an online complaint forum where people are invited to lodge complaints regarding several matters about online frauds, online blackmailing, cyber fraud, and misshaping. In addition to this, people are facing multiple challenges owing to this; it is pertinent to mention here that people commit suicide because of these problems. Nevertheless, now we have an online complaint platform available that can bail us out. established this channel after conducting comprehensive research. Likewise, problem-solving criteria have developed after onboarding all the officials of different departments. Furthermore, the refers the issue to the respective department and gets it settled. Besides this, the user can see the status of its complaint since the website updates it after every new development.

There are plenty of companies that have registered with the ComplaintRoom. Additionally, there is a tab on the website where the names of the companies are given. The user only needs to click on the name of the company and this will enable him to complain to the subject company.

Procedure to Submit Complaint Online:

The procedure to submit the complaint on is simple and user-friendly, even the layman can also complain. The main interface of the website depicts a clear button of “Submit Complaint” in yellow color that catches the immediate attention of visitors. Afterward, it asks for key details regarding which you are going to submit a complaint. 

A form typed page appears after clicking on the “Submit Application” button. The user needs to type all the necessary details about his issue. The upper portion of the form pertains to the issue that the visitor is facing whereas the lower portion inquires about the applicant details. Subsequently, after keyboarding all the essential information the user should press the button “Submit Complaint”. If all the important tabs of the forms have been filled the complaint will be submitted successfully while if something is missing the website demands to make the required addendum and resubmit it.

Above is the complete process of submitting a complaint at the ComplaintRoom. The way of lodging grievances is simple. The user can also attach an image concerning the subject matter here. As we discussed earlier, the user can see the status of its complaint after submission.


Cybercrimes and other similar issues are developing matters that need the abrupt focus of the authorities. is the portal where the users can submit the complaint about the issues and the website will take the matter to the relevant authority. The website resolves the problem and updates the user about his complaint time-to-time.


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