Things to Consider while Choosing a Compact Cloakroom Toilet

When it comes to a bathroom makeover, space is a major consideration that affects the choice of toilet and other bathroom utilities. But since you have many compact cloakroom toilet options available specifically for bathrooms with less space, lack of space does not necessarily limit your choices. If you have the right information, it is not very difficult to find a suitable compact bathroom toilet.

Here we have discussed a few tips that will help you find a better toilet for a cloakroom.

Decide about Toilet Type

First, you should decide the type of cloakroom toilet you prefer.  Bathrooms can be divided into three main categories based on their design and style.  These types include close coupled toilets, back to wall toilets, and wall mounted toilets. You can easily find a compact design in any of these styles that will work well for your cloakroom. However, back to wall and wall-mounted toilets can be a preferred choice due to their space-saving design. Although toilet bowl does not take much space, most have a bulky cistern that requires extra space. A back-to-wall toilet with cistern hidden inside the wall or bathroom furniture and wall-mounted toilets with toilet bowl hang on the wall are definitely a better choice for the space saving purpose. A wall-hung toilet has the additional benefit of creating a feel that there is the bathroom is spacious due to a space between the bowl and floor. In case you can not install a wall hung toilet, a back to wall toilet can also be a good choice as they usually have a compact size with a slim bottom.

Measure the available space

As cloakrooms have short space, you can not choose a compact cloakroom toilet without careful space consideration. Once you have decided the bathroom style and place where you want to fix it, the next step would be to measure the available space. By measuring available space, you will know how much space you can allocate to the toilet area without creating a problem for doors or any other utilities in the bathroom. After you know the exact measurements, you can compare these numbers to the market’s toilets. It does not necessarily to be 100% match your measurements, but nearest to your availability can work well for your cloakroom.

Decide the place for the toilet

If you choose a cloakroom toilet for your newly built bathroom, then deciding where to place the toilet can be an important consideration.  You can save space even with the right position. For this purpose, you can choose the corner where you usually don’t have any other thing to fix. Choosing the corner area will help save you space for additional utility and look crumbled with a lot of things.

Your Budget

Compact cloakroom toilets have different prices depending on their quality and type. Therefore, if you have a limited budget, you may have to look for the best possible toilet you can choose within your budget range. A prior consideration about the budget will save you from a lot of hassle later. You must decide about the money you can spend on the cloakroom toilet.

Summing It Up

There are plenty of choices available for cloakroom toilets. You have an extensive range available in the market from compact size close coupled to wall hung and back to wall toilet. However, not every toilet is suitable for your cloakroom. By following the above tips, you can easily choose the right compact cloakroom toilet. You must remember that your choice must be based on your preferred choice, budget, availability, and budget. If you carefully consider all these issues, you will not go wrong with it.