Common Types of LED Pool Lights

There are many different types of LED pool lights. We usually categorize them based on the type of installation or the type of pool. This article will take you through the most common types of pool lights.


Divided by installation mode


Surface mounted pool lights

Surface mounted pool lights is the most common type of pool light. Its advantage is that the installation parts are simple and easy to install. You do not need to use complex installation tools to complete the installation.

It should be noted that some wall-mounted pool lights are thick. You need to avoid being bumped when moving around in the pool, which may get you injured.

In addition, surface mounted structure is simple, fixed by screws, not as stable as embedded structure. Poor quality wall-mounted pool lights may become loose or even fall off after a period of use.

Recessed pool lights

Recessed pool lights will not protrude from the pool wall after installation so you do not need to bother about bumping. But recessed pool lights are more complicated to install than wall-mounted lights.

Firstly, you not only need to confirm if the thickness of the pool wall is enough to support the installation, but also need to drill a large hole on the pool wall which can be put into the embedded part.

These tasks will take a lot of your time. But, trust me. Once the installation is complete, you’ll think it was worth it. Once installed, the recessed pool light looks  flush with the pool wall.

Recessed pool lights are fixed with embedded parts and pool wall auxiliary supports, providing greater stability after installation than wall-mounted pool lights.

It is important to note that before installation, it is necessary to confirm whether the thickness of the pool wall is sufficient for the embedded parts. If you have thin pool walls, you can check with the manufacturer or seller to find built-in pool lights with thin, built-in parts.

Divided by types of swimming pool

Pool Light for Concrete Pool(tiled pool)

Concrete pools are the most common type of pool. Many wall-mounted pool lights and recessed pool lights are suitable for concrete pools. You need to choose according to the characteristics of your own pool and your needs.

Pool Light for Vinyl Liner Pool

The installation accessories of vinyl pool lights may look similar to the recessed ones. But they are generally developed by the pool light manufacturer for the characteristics of vinyl pool. You need to pay attention to it.

Pool Light for Fiberglass Pool

Compared with the vinyl liner pool light, the fiberglass pool light has better sealing. The large number of sealing rubber rings in the mounting fittings is the most obvious difference.

In addition to regular LED underwater pool lights, some pool lights have unique features and installation methods, such as ultra-thin pool lights and high temperature resistant pool lights. Most of them are modified designs based on ordinary pool lights. If you are interested in any pool light, you can ask the manufacturer or seller for a detailed demonstration and installation video.

Surface mounted pool light

LED unterwater pool lights

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