Common Reasons Why Identity Change Is Requested 

Marriage and adoption are legal identity change options, which are fine. However, people wanting to change their identity because of multiple reasons are often not acceptable legally. There are rare cases where the government order’s identity change under the witness protection program. 

In movies, getting a new identity and lifestyle seems an easy task but in reality, it is generally impossible except in rare cases. In this digital era, it is impossible to erase identity completely. It is possible only if the government approves doing it. However, even with government help to change identity, there are some records available in the system that connects your old and new identity. Therefore, finding you is made a little difficult but not impossible. 

Common reasons why identity change is requested

Escape abusive relationship

Marriages and relationships fall apart due to the bad behavior of one spouse. Many spouses are extremely abusive, violent, and dangerous. It is too risky when kids are involved. The victim of an abusive relationship finds it hard to escape, so is regarded as a legal reason to change their identity. 

Sometimes, the abuser tracks the victim through friends and family, who are aware of the new location and name. Besides, changing kids’ names is hard, especially when the abuser is the child’s parent. 

Escaping debt

Escaping from huge debt via identity change is the first thought a debtor has in mind but sadly it doesn’t legally work. The federal government must share your changed identity with state and federal agencies including state tax, child support, IRS, student loan, and entitlement program. Law enforcement agencies, banks, collection agencies, and credit bureaus have access to these records.

Identity theft

Someone stole your ID, which is a legal reason for identity change. Government helps identity theft victims by providing new IDs. 

Escape from law enforcement

It is not legal to change your name unless there is a way to erase your footprint from the system, which is not simple. Even if you managed to do it law enforcement agents have ways to uncover their targets. 

Escape gang life

Being associated with a mob means no escape from repercussions. Even if your change your name and location gangsters will track you or come after you. People try to change their identity and country because of gang life threats because it is the only way to overcome this fear and intimidation. 

Witness protection program

It is a legal support service provided by state authorities. The program protects witnesses involved in real criminal cases, who are at threat of physical harm. Some witnesses are given fresh identities as well as physical security and residence to stay. The program is eligible for witnesses and their relatives. It is a common reason for identity change.

Identity changes are possible in a legal way but the reasons differ. Amicusint is an international consulting firm that helps clients change their identities safely and securely. Clients approach them to get a new ID for traveling to another country and start fresh or avoid challenging situations or use it as a crypto ID.