Common Mistakes to Avoid When Applying False Lashes

When it comes to makeup, false eyelashes can be a great choice. It is especially for parties, weddings, and special events. But even though false eyelashes can add more beauty to your look, they can be dangerous if applied incorrectly. So, it is essential to be careful while applying them. But do not worry. We will discuss the common in this article mistakes one can make when applying false lashes so you can be cautious when applying them to your eyes.  

You leave a space between the natural lashes.

Your false lashes are designed to look natural in your eyes. So, leaving any space, base, and lash line is unimportant. When you attach your lashes, a small leak glue line remains. As a result, the eyelashes look like artificial ones. Try to apply the false lashes very close to the real eyelashes. Since these eyelashes harm the eyes, you must be careful while gluing them. You can find various Adelaide lash supplies that provide false lashes. But by the ones suitable for your eyes. 

Too much glue is not healthy.

You always run some risk when you apply false eyelashes to your eyes. You end up applying too much glue to your eyes, which can adversely affect the eyes. In addition, it is usually very challenging to fix the eyelashes in the right position. Many people apply too much glue to make that happen, making the eyes look like a disaster.

Another problem could be the glue being super viable. So, to hide glue, applying eyeliner is a great trick. You can apply this trick if you have added too much glue. Can you apply eyelashes the proper way? Some Adelaide Lash Supplies provide great eyelashes. You can contact them to get yours. 

I was not placing the eyelashes in the right place.

One common mistake while attaching false eyelashes is not placing them in the right place. It can cause a lot of problems for your eyes. So, here is the right way. First, bend the lashes carefully so that the lashes sit very well in the shape of your eye and stay longer. Then, place them in the middle of the lash line if you are using strip lashes. It can be secured with the help of tweezers. So, if you are confident that you can add eyelashes alone and want the best lash trays, contact a reliable Adelaide Lash Supplies.

Do not cut false lashes.

One of the biggest mistakes one may attempt is to cut the false eyelashes. Unfortunately, many people who wear fake lashes try to do this. This particular makeup item is designed to provide an artificial look that goes with the makeup.

If the lashes are too long and you cannot handle them, follow your eye line and cut the fake lashes like your natural eyelashes. Another tip is to take little scissors, divide the lashes from the outer corner, and cut them side by side to get a natural look.


People who prefer to put makeup on their faces are usually great fans of false eyelashes. There is no doubt that eyelashes can add more beauty to your eyes. But they are equally dangerous if not applied properly. Since making mistakes is common for a beginner, we hope you will avoid the mistakes mentioned above while applying your eyelashes.