Common Mistakes to Avoid in PTE Speaking Section

PTE Practice can teach you a lot including the way you should pronounce sentences and speak with confidence. There are parameters like Syntax, vocabulary and grammar that have to be considered by every student no matter whether he is not so good in English or a native speaker. Dive into important PTE Tips & Tricks and glide away the upcoming exam challenges with ease-

Not knowing the PTE exam format

You never know what the exam pattern might be if there has not been enough practice from your end. PTE Practice sets would introduce you with the important facts and keep away unwanted surprises.

Lack of Discussion

If you ever happen to take the examination casually, definitely there will be a lot of blunders faced by you at the last moment. On the other hand, You might come across some incredible PTE Tips & Tricks while having a simple discussion with your class fellow. Maybe you would get an idea about the interviewer and how to handle things with more courtesy.

Answering in Yes – No

 PTE exam wants to check out your fluency in English and therefore answering questions in yes – no would not meet the end. You need to describe the answers in at least a few lines so that the examiner can judge you positively.

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Incorrect Pronunciation

PTE examination does not restrict you from pronouncing words in your native tone. As long as you are able to clearly speak up a word, PTE examiners will give you positive scores. Each and every word pronounced should be very clear and said with confidence. You must not get confused with the words having silent characters and synonyms.

Beating Around the Bush

The majority of the students go off Beat by answering the questions too elaborately or avoiding the main point altogether. You must be very precise while answering the questions for acquiring the best of scores.

Keeping Silent

Apart from checking out your English, PTE also judges you for your confidence and overall skills. Staying silent would definitely land you up in a bad situation. Even if you have not understood the question very well, try to clarify it from the examiner and answer whatever comes to your mind.


English is a subject that has a vast scope and just limiting yourself to a specific content by ratification is definitely a poor thing. The interviewers will immediately make out that the answer is not natural but completely memorized.

Repetition of Words/ Sentences

Repeating the same word and sentence not only shows that you are poorly prepared for the examination but also reflects yours under confidence. Aspirants must have a good vocabulary so that they can continuously speak in one breath. This will help things to be in your favor.

Repeating the Question Itself

You must not be a parrot who keeps on repeating what the examiners have to say. This heavily creates grounds for negative marking and also gives a bad impression. Always speak up something fresh and good so that the examiners know that you have understood the question and know the answer.

Incorrect Intonation

Every Candidate should have a very precise tone of speaking of sentences. You must know where to emphasize and where to stop. A well prepared aspirant would know how to pronounce the sentences and where to take stoppages that reflect apostrophe and punctuation marks.

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Trying to Extract Examiner’s Opinion

You must never try to act too smart when it comes to cracking an examination. Let the examiners judge you instead of you trying to judge them. Whatever opinion they might form will be negative if you ask them to review what they sent right on the spot. Besides being well prepared for the English examination, you must also learn the etiquette’s that can help you to win.

Do not Speak Too Much

Speaking too much always gives birth to controversies which we never want. This will also give a bright chance to the examiners to Cross question you leading to some kind of negativity in the overall interview. Avoid such things and speak very precisely and up to the point.

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Online PTE Practice interviews would introduce you to all the tips and tricks that you need to bear in mind for cracking the oratory exam.