Common mistakes made by tourists in hotels

More than one billion tourists annually stay in hotels around the world. Despite this, the experience of travelers shows that most of them have no idea what rules to follow while in hotels. “Colonial Square Inn & Suites” found out what mistakes tourists can affect their health.

When visiting the bathroom, do not leave the door open

When staying in a single room, we often make sure that all valuables are safe. But sometimes we don’t even think about trying to hear someone else’s footsteps in the room or to prevent hacking, we cause a false fire. This means that because of the open door to the shower room, in which plentiful steam is generated, a fire system can work. Most often, smoke detectors in hotels are very sensitive, and the slightest steam can cause the alarm to go off.

Never sleep on decorative pillows

Multi-colored and beautifully laid on the sofa pillows can play a trick on you. The fact is that often they do not have a removable pillowcase that can be washed. Pillows in no way disinfect, but simply replaced with new ones when they lose their presentable appearance. Just imagine how many foreign bacteria you can “collect” by simply lying on decorative pillows for a couple of minutes.

Do not store personal items on a shelf in the bathroom

It’s very convenient to arrange cosmetics, bath and hygiene items on a shelf in the bathroom of the room – you don’t have to rummage through a suitcase every time and try to find something. But this is how you expose yourself to the maximum risk of encountering pathogenic bacteria. According to a study by California scientists, the dressing table is the dirtiest part of a hotel room.

The danger of disposable brushes

Despite the fact that it is always nice to see hygiene kits in hotel rooms, you should be careful with disposable brushes. They can easily harm your gums and teeth. Disposable brushes are cheap and are available in large quantities, so the manufacturer does not particularly think about stiffness, shape, and other criteria that may be important for everyone.

Do not put your suitcase on the bed

After a hard road or a long flight, you always want to quickly fall on your bed and relax. In a hurry, you can throw a suitcase on a berth and try to speed up the process of finding the right things. This is not worth it since your travel bag managed to stand on the floor in a public place, ride on asphalt and collect all the dust and dirt from the streets. Do not put luggage where you will sleep. Less likely scenario: if the hotel, unfortunately, has bugs, they can get into a suitcase and go to your home.

Try not to pick up cute souvenirs from the hotel

Towels disappear in more than 70% of hotels, bathrobes, and hangers in 55%, respectively. Out of 4% of hotels, guests manage to pick up mattresses. This behavior can lead not only to embarrassing situations but also to fines: some hotels check the room upon delivery or install surveillance cameras.

It’s easier to walk barefoot

Disposable slippers can only be worn if they have been packed in an airtight bag. But if you see neatly standing slippers without packaging, do not use them – most likely, they remained after the previous guest.