Common mistakes in business development – Michael Osland shows how to resolve it

No business house gets started to become static. Their ultimate aim is to earn profits and expand the business. And here, the process of business development is essential.

Simply put, business development isn’t a complex process. However, business owners and entrepreneurs usually end up making a few mistakes. In this article, we will delve into three essential business development mistakes and ways to remedy them.

Guidelines by Michael Osland

Expanding the network rather than developing meaningful relationships

Most business development professionals need to know the relevance of developing meaningful bonds within their business network. It is essential to network and grows your contacts. However, when it is about getting new clients, it’s required that you know the people in your network.

So, when you come across new people, try and develop a genuine bond with them. That way, you can build a connection. And when you keep on focusing on these relationships, you will have a strong network. This network will comprise clients, evangelists, industry leaders, and referral sources who can help you in several ways.

Sporadically marketing yourself than consistently

You need to know that business development is not a sprint but a marathon. Today, most business development professionals are active online and use social media sporadically. Michael Oslandsays that today, it is essential to do more than being behind the laptop. There is more to do than merely “liking” social media posts. And one of the tactics of successful business development is effective marketing.

Today, it is essential for you to work as an active player on social media platforms, and that too regularly. Select the best social media networks for your business and keep posting on them daily. You should also comment on other posts. If you want, you can host an exciting online event and act as a guest speaker. Do you want people to know you? If yes, you have to switch on your “A” game and be present online and leverage it. And this process is entirely free. It enables you to get familiar with the general audience and your target customer. Hence, you need to get online and start sharing relevant content.

Feeling inhibited to express yourself instead of being confident

This initiative is the most challenging one as it needs ample inner strength. If you want to have a business network, you need to know yourself and all that you are working for. And for doing this, you have to look within and connect with your confidence.

Do you know what drives you when it comes to your business? Are you aware of your personality traits and skill sets that can help you accomplish your business goals? If you wish to be an innovative and successful business development professional, you need to ask yourself similar questions. It would help if you exercised confidence in what you do to expand your business. Hence, it is essential to get out there and connect with people instead of shying away from them. It will help you to discover your strong skills and qualities.

Business development is a journey and helps you learn more about your business, the industry at large, and yourself as a professional. If you avert the mistakes mentioned above you can walk a successful path in business development.