Common Misdemeanors and How They Can Impact Your Life

In the US, the average crime rate is 47.70%. The violence level in the country has reduced dramatically in the past two decades. According to recent surveys, Indiana is listed among the safest place to live in 2022. 

Still, it’s a must for every citizen to be aware of the common offenses and misdemeanors to tackle any legal situation. If you’re trying to understand crime laws in Indiana, this post is for you. It will help to understand the complexities of some of the most common misdemeanors in the US.

Take a look at this guide to understand common misdemeanors and how they can impact your life.

Understanding Misdemeanor Offenses

Misdemeanors are far less detrimental than other offenses, as the required level of intent is lower or the penalties are less harsh. The punishment of this infraction is either a year in prison, a fine, or an alternative sanction like counseling, therapeutic interventions, or charitable work. It’s vital to remember that misdemeanor detention takes place in jail rather than a prison.

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The difference between a detention center and a correctional facility is that cells are run by regional states, whereas the legislative branch runs prison cells. Comparing a jail and a prison, the form of punishment is also distinctive. Jails are less strict than correctional facilities as they are for accused who have executed less atrocious crimes.

Common Misdemeanors In Indiana

1. Basic Assault

In most jurisdictions, basic assault is defined as injuring someone without intending to do so. Assault can indicate that you attempted to injure a person or made inappropriate advances, no matter how innocuous. Attack on police officers or other public officials is an exception to this rule.

2. Indecent Exposure

This is among the most common classified offenses in effect. The term “indecent” has varied meanings for different people, and its interpretation varies by region. It usually entails exposing one’s genital regions to another individual or public urination.

3. Public Intoxication

In many jurisdictions, if a person is intoxicated in public, they can be arrested. It happens when a person excessively consumes alcohol or is under the influence of drugs. Also, in Indiana, if a person exceeds the BAC level (0.08%), they will be charged with this crime. 

According to psychologists, a person in a euphoric state can act irresponsibly by hurting themselves and the people around them. To avoid situations like these in states like White County, Miami, Orange country, etc., Indiana Administrative Code was passed.

The code states that if a person is charged with this crime, they will be sent to jail for 30 to 60 days, with a fine of $1,000 or more.

4. Trespassing

Trespassing is entering a restricted area without permission. However, if you accidentally enter someone’s property, you’re not charged with the crime. Moreover, if the law enforcement officer has evidence of you deliberately entering the restricted premises, you’re in trouble. 

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The punishment for this crime varies from region to region. In some jurisdictions, the accused serve jail time, while in some, people view it as a parking ticket. In Indiana, this crime is classified under Class A misdemeanor crime in which the accused has to serve one year of jail time and pay fines of less than $5,000.

5. Petty Theft

If you’ve ever been to a thrift store, you know the worth of the items in the store is low. Petty stealing is akin to this. Petty theft is a type of theft offense motivated by or characterized by the low value of the stolen property.

Shoplifting, dining in a fancy diner, and leaving without paying or getting into a concert without buying a ticket are all examples of petty crime. This crime is also classified under Class A misdemeanor and has the same punishment as trespassing. 

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