Common Issues & Mistakes While Using Disposable Cat Litter Boxes

Showing your love towards the cat is not always about cuddling and playing, but it takes something more to it. A cat comes with a lot of responsibility in terms of her diet, her cage, and her hygiene.

Let’s admit, we all make mistakes in various aspects, be it ordering the wrong type of disposable cat litter box to get at a low price, not considering the cat’s preference in food, or not cleaning her litter box enough, etc.

Let’s narrow down some common mistakes’ majority of cat owners make.

Common Mistakes all Kitty Owners Make

  • Washing cat’s bowl’s 

The cat’s sense of smell is much stronger than we humans. If you wash their water or food bowl, make sure not to use the scented dishwashing liquids because cats hate strong odors.

These scents can discourage your cat from drinking water from their bowl.

  • Sudden Change of Diet

The cats are creatures of habit; they aren’t big fans of change when it comes to diets in their mind. Eating a new food can be risky, as cats prefer food they’re used to. Nevertheless, there can be a time that you may want to change your cat’s food.

Remember that sudden changes in a cat’s diet might result in causing inflammation such as; diarrhea, reduced appetite, and a sick feline. Your cat should be slowly transitioned from one food to another. Instead, plan on taking at least a week to transition your kitty.

Start by adding a small amount of new food with the old food, and gradually increase the amount of new food. As far as cats litter boxes and hygiene is concerned, so following are the significant issues’ cat owner face along with the best solutions;

  • Choosing the wrong type of litter

Using a disposable cat litter box near me is not a problem, but the litter inside that causes pain. Usually, cats prefer a clumping litter box with a fine texture, a disposable litter box that doesn’t hurt their delicate paw pads. While some cats prefer clay-based litter as it is also quite soft for sensitive paws.

Some litter boxes are made from silica gel crystals, absorbing urine and keeping all odor away. If you need a biodegradable cat litter box, corn, wheat, recycled paper, and walnut shells are other options. You can quickly get them online from top pet care sources that offer affordable, disposable cat litter boxes. For instance, the Klassy Pet!

  • Using too little or Excessive Litter in the box.

Using excessive litter can cause your cat to dig around more than it should; this results in accidentally hiding its poop. Though poop might be invisible to human eyes, it’s prominent to your cat. Assuming you can’t find and eliminate it, this might make your feline quit utilizing the crate out-and-out.

Be that as it may, having a suitable litter in the crate permits your feline to cover their crap and cover their tracks. The waste should be profound enough that it retains fluids and scents. Focus on a 3-inch layer as a beginning stage, and add more depending on the situation.

  • Choosing Wrong Location to Keep Disposable Cat Litter Box

Choosing the wrong location for a litter box is another common mistake many cat owners intentionally make. While some keep on changing the location of cat litter boxes. This can cause your cat to become confused and return to the last place to do her business.

The best solution is, consider keeping cat litter boxes separate from the area where you feed your cat. The simple reason is, nobody would like to eat in the bathroom, nor we humans, so how can we expect the same for our cats?

Klassy Pets is the ultimate solution to getting affordable, disposable cat litter boxes online. If you ever search for quality disposable cat litter boxes near me, then approach us for an incredible variety, and we’ll facilitate you and guide you.

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