Commercial Printing Companies: How to Choose the Best

Are you crushing your digital marketing strategy?

If yes, that’s great, but don’t forget about building your offline presence. After all, the right offline marketing methods such as direct mail and trade shows can help boost your brand’s visibility. Offline campaigns can also help your business stand out among the crowd, where the majority may be busy focusing on the digital space.

Now, speaking of boosting your offline presence, how are you doing with your print marketing materials? If you’re still checking out commercial printing companies, read on. 

Here, we’ll talk about what you need to keep in mind when hiring a commercial printing company. 

Commercial Printing Companies: Making the Right Choice 

While it’s easy enough to google “commercial printing companies near me,” it doesn’t mean you should hire just anyone. There are certain things you should look for to ensure you’re partnering with the right commercial printing services provider.

These include:

1. Printing Equipment and Technologies

Do commercial printing companies have to have specialized printing equipment? 

For small orders, regular printers may be enough, but what if you need more printed output? Can your printer handle large quantity orders? 

There’s a reason why commercial printers that invest in their equipment and keep up with the latest printing technologies are always a good choice. For one thing, their clients never have to worry about their ability to meet deadlines. And for another thing, even if you’re in a niche industry, they have the capability to manage your printing requirements.

2. Costs

Of course, it’s good to hire a commercial printer that offers reasonable rates. However, this doesn’t mean the lower the rates, the better. 

If you’re comparing costs, make sure you’re also checking the quality of work. You might think you’ve scored a great deal only to be disappointed when you see the final output. 

Tip: If money is a big concern for you, opt for a printing company that can work with your budget and offers discounted rates for large orders.

3. Customer Service

A sales call isn’t the best way to gauge if a printing company delivers excellent customer service. You need to know if there’ll be an account manager who’ll be responsible for all your printing needs. 

Another way to know for sure if you’ll be given reliable customer support is to check online reviews. Go beyond the testimonials found on a printing company’s website. You need to find unbiased reviews to see what other clients think about their services.

4. Turn-Around Times

There’s nothing more disappointing than a printing company that overpromises and underdelivers, especially when it comes to deadlines. Knowing the processes involved in various printing projects, they should be able to tell you right away if your print order will require more time to complete. 

This can help you avoid last-minute rush orders, which cost more. It will also help you plan better for your next orders. 

All Set With Your Print Marketing Materials?

Now that you know more about commercial printing companies and how to hire the best one for your needs, are you ready to have your marketing materials printed?

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