Comfort Your Legs With Jobst Thigh-High Compression Stockings

Compression socks come in a diverse range of levels to deliver excellent levels of therapeutic effect to the clients. First, there are light compression stockings suitable for comforting tired legs and preventing minor edema. Then there are mild compression stockings that range between 15-20mmHg and are ideal for everyday travel and wear. 

Most of the moderate compression socks are good for the medical-grade style of socks and are best for managing venous issues. We also have firm compression stockings used for lymphedema, blood clots, DVT and other issues. Plus, you can also go for extra firm Jobst compression stockings that usually require a doctor’s prescription.

Even the women athletes swear by the women’s running compression socks! So isn’t it quite obvious that these compression socks are gaining all the popularity because of their undeniable benefits? For the ones who don’t know what it is, read on to know more!

What Are Jobst Thigh High Compression Stockings?

Compression socks are sports accessories for runners. Think of tube socks on steroids, and you’ll have an idea of what these socks are! These compression socks stretch over the foot upto the knee and begin at the ankle that’s more often called the sleeve.¬†

Sports compression socks aren’t very new to this era. They’ve gained popularity recently. However, they’ve been in existence for thousands of years now.¬†

Check out the timeline of compression socks through all the different ages –¬†

New Stone Age: Compression therapy is one of the oldest and goes back to the Neolithic period. Yes, you read it right! Even the cavemen were caught into this trend a long time before the marathon runners you see today. According to the cave paintings and art of 5000BCE, there were images of soldiers with bandaged legs. Researchers confirmed that these bandages were in use for the compression of legs. Edwin Smith Papyrus is the world’s oldest surgical document that dates back to 1600BC, and it has compression therapy mentioned on it. Today, they are known as ultra-sheer thigh-high compression stockings.¬†

Hippocrates: In Hippocrates, a popular doctor wrote that he used compression bandages to prevent blood clogging. It was back in 350 and 450 BC. So, you understand if it’s good enough for that era, it’s good enough for us too!

The Modern Era: Compression therapy comes to use in a variety of ways in the modern era. If you look at the arrival of sports compression socks in the modern world, new methods of compression therapies have popped up; men and women have gathered together to buy laced stockings, badges with adhesives, and elastic bands. Now, you can count on compression therapy in a wide array of medical conditions for patients who struggle with health problems, including deep vein thrombosis, diabetes, varicose veins, leg swelling, leg ulcers, circulatory problems and so on. 

From medical treatment to athletic gear, the use of compression sports stockings has leapt for professional athletes and medical professionals. Now, you can get everything in the market or online stores, from compression sports socks, arms bands and everything in between. 

To briefly paraphrase, compression sports socks are a must-have if you’re into sports, as this will help you out with a regulatory blood flow in your system. Additionally, if used between repeated running bouts, sports compression socks will aid subsequent performance and recovery in your knees. Furthermore, it will enhance the subsequent exercise. That’s why athletes believe in the efficacy of sports compression socks, as it helps in assisting the recovery between exercise bouts.¬†

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