Come One, Come All! How to Get More Customers at Your Restaurant

What’s more disheartening than an empty restaraunt that you worked hard to build? Not much, that’s for sure. 

How do you go about getting more customers? You know your food is great and you have an awesome setup, but how do you get those tables filled so that you can start making money?

It doesn’t take a celebrity endorsement or a Food Network feature to get more customers, it just takes some marketing know-how. 

Don’t worry, we want to help. Let’s go over all of the ways that you can market your business and how to get more customers before your restaurant goes under! 

Keep reading to learn more.

First: Check On Your Menu

We’ve all seen enough episodes of Kitchen Nightmares to know that sometimes people can be a little bit overconfident about their menus. Is all of the food really as good as you think it is? Have you had someone objective come and try everything? 

It’s possible that your food needs work. Maybe hiring a new chef or allowing a menu curator to come in to help out could be beneficial. 

Chances are, if your menu is too long and you’re not a diner, you’re not making those meals to the best of your ability. 

Make sure your food is solid first before you start bringing in new customers. After all, you don’t want bad reviews to be your first reviews.

Take Inventory of Your Marketing

So what are you actually doing to get your name out there? Many new restaurant owners aren’t marketers by nature, so it’s normal to not be doing as much as you can. The key is to fix it. 

Consider what (if anything) you’re already doing. Do you have business cards? Have you been asking friends to spread the good word? 

Do you have social media pages? Are they active? 

Could you use some help with your overall digital impact? Not everyone knows how to make digital marketing work for them, but it’s so important in 2020!

Having an effective website and some great social media channels may be the key to getting your restaurant on the map!

Here are a few marketing strategies that you can use to help boost your customers.

Keep Your Social Media Active

It’s not enough to have a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. You need to make sure that you’re regularly updating these things so that your customers know how to find you and what they should expect from your brand.

Speaking of brands, a cohesive social media presence is great for branding! If your customers can associate your restaurant with certain colors, images, and even posting behaviors, they’ll be more likely to keep you in mind when deciding where they’re going to be eating. They may also share your pages with their friends. 

It doesn’t have to be so active that it annoys customers, but just enough that they know that you’re there. 

Get Customers Involved

When you’re using these social media profiles, it can be helpful to involve your customers in your marketing practices. 

Ask customers to share photos of particularly “Instagrammable” spots in your restaurant to get featured on your page, or even offer a small discount or treat for doing so. 

Repost these images to your story so that people can see that “real customers” enjoy what you have to offer. This makes your brand seem more trustworthy and it ups your customer engagement! These are really helpful when it comes to spreading the word of your restaurant. 

Use Good Website Practices

Even if you have a Facebook, you still need a website. Many places make the mistake of choosing social media over a website because it’s free. This can make it harder for people to find you or to find the information that they need. 

A good website is going to be user-friendly as well as mobile-friendly. Many people browse on their phones, especially when they’re out and about (which is when they’ll be looking for food). 

Websites should follow good SEO practices in order to bring themselves to the top of the local search engines. Well-designed landing pages and even blogs can be great ways to bring in more customers and bring more views to your page. 

It’s important to have a menu page unless you have a rotating menu. Many people won’t go anywhere if they can’t see what the restaurant has to offer before they get there. This is especially true for people with food allergies or other dietary restrictions. 

Make sure that your website is visually appealing and that it has all of the information that someone would need if they wanted to find or contact you. 

Offer Loyalty Programs 

Loyalty programs are a great way to increase customer retention and to get new customers. 

If you’re a fine dining establishment, this might not be for you. If not, though, you might benefit from some kind of program that lets frequent customers experience small perks. It might mean that they get free sweets or even discounts on their birthday, or that they get early access to new menu items.

Loyalty programs aren’t for everyone, but they can help to get your name out there. If someone talks to their friends about how your restaurant treats their customers well, their friends may be more inclined to come over.

Get More Customers Through Your Doors Today

Trying to get more customers is stressful! It doesn’t have to be. With a good digital marketing campaign, a strong website, and some brand trust, you’ll have customers coming through the door in no time. 

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