Combining Pleasure with Usefulness – Meet the Premier Lounge & Cutz

If you live in the Washington DC area, then you’re in for a really nice surprise. We’ve no doubt that you are by now tired by the same old hangouts and buildings, time and again, which you’re probably passing by every day. Let’s face it, we’re all exhausted by the same old routine, and that’s turning out to be a serious issue for today’s generation.

Another big concern is the constant lack of time that the modern adult is facing. In a world of endless distractions and ways to amuse yourself, it’s become that much harder to actually get things done. Things like, say, get a haircut.

This is where entrepreneur and visionary Justin Allen comes onto the scene. The owner of his own multi-million-dollar security business, Allen is now branching out into a brand-new field. One that is as exciting as it is innovative – haircutting.

Back in the olden days, you see, haircutting used to be viewed as something of an art form. There were all these techniques to be admired and envied. It wasn’t just snip snip, you’re done. And Allen’s looking to bring that back, with his Premier Cutz exclusive barbershop.

The shop, in Allen’s own words, is focusing on providing an “online gaming atmosphere for adults, and hair shows”. It’s making haircutting fun again, because it’s suddenly turning the trip to the barber into this whole new adventure. It’s something you actually find yourself wanting to do, not just having to, and that’s honestly what our society needs to focus on. Creating adults who want to do what they’re doing.

But then, for Justin Allen, that’s something of a work ethos – creating a life that you actually enjoy and want to get up for in the morning. And now, after long years of experience as an entrepreneur, he’s coming with a rather genius idea. Why shouldn’t everyone experience this thrill? If not in their professional life, then at the very least in their private one.

And how is he doing this? Aside from making Premier Cutz itself a luxurious, exciting destination, Allen is also combining the barbershop with one of humankind’s greatest pleasures. Drinking. Because right underneath the Premier Cutz barbershop, he’s setting up his own bar and lounge, the eponymous Premier Lounge.

The idea here is that you, the customer, can enjoy a cold, refreshing brew while you wait for your hair appointment. Or afterwards, of course, thus combining something that you need to do with something that you want to do.

You can even turn going to the barber into a social event, by working with your friends to all get appointments at the same time. This way, you’re not wasting any time, you get to chat over some drinks, and you get your hair cut and looking good. What more could you want?

The Premier Cutz and Premier Lounge duo is set to revolutionize the way we view hair cutting, and really, chores in general.