Colorful Pages of Sports, From The Beginning to Present

In this colorful world, there are plenty of tasks we do in our daily life. And sports are not other than those. According to various chronicles, when people started hunting for survival, sports was a part of the entertainment from then on. However, time changed everything. We are now at the age of the modern era. In addition, everything changed with time. About games and sports, there is no exception. If we observe, we shall find the games which were immensely popular around twenty years back. But, today, some of those have faded enough.

Yet, we can see there are many other sports or games which are walking years after years. Here are some games which are not meant to be dimmed at all.

  1. Cricket

Early in the 17th century, in North America, English had invented cricket as a form of entertainment. Later on, the game walked towards the other ranges of Globe from the English colonies.

If we desire some more details, we have to go before that. Early in the 16th century, the street boys had invented this game. And the region is Weald which is in South-East England. In 1611, the adults attempted the game for the first time. Moreover, Meanwhile, the announcement of this game was merely a game for boys.

Nonetheless, the scenario has changed a lot. We can observe plenty of new terms in this game like women’s tournament, slot online, continental league, under eighteen cricket, national or international league, and many more. Today cricket is an essential tool for women’s empowerment, and women’s cricket is as prominent as cricket for men.

  1. Football

Football is another game that is unlike cricket. Nonetheless, one thing is similar in between both, that is the birthplace. The origin of both games is Great Britain. According to various researchers, early in the 12th century, football was a game seen only on the roads of England. One mesmerizing fact about football was that there was an option for punch along with the kick. Hence, it is evident that violence existed in the game. Another interesting fact is, till the 17th century ended, the name of the football was Calcio which is relatively unknown to all of us. Since playing football could cause severe damages, it was on the way to being banned. But in the 18th century, it became one of the games which existed in schools of England.

Today, football is one of the straight games in the list of modern games. We can’t find a single country where football is not a popular game. In 1904, many countries of Europe signed The Federation International Football Association. Most countries worldwide take part in this football tournament, and the interval of each tournament is four years.

  1. Swimming

One of the ancient games is swimming without any further doubt. It was always a survival hack for human beings. However, formally around 2500 BCE back, swimming was an unavoidable part for people during Greek and Roman Civilization. At that time, swimming was a vital element of martial training. Roman civilization established swimming pools.

Archeological pages found several pieces of evidence that prove that Japan was offering swimming competitions at that time. Evidence showed that in Great Britain, swimming was more like water therapy early in the 17th century. The first swimming championship was held in 1846, and it was a 440-yard swimming competition. Afterward, Britain founded the Metropolitan Swimming Club. Moreover, in the United States, in 1882, the Amateur Athletic Union was founded.

Every game of today has its own color and historical pages. And, there are plenty of archaeological explanations regarding the sports factor.