Color Theory Clothing Design- A Brief Overview

The most important knowledge a beginner should have before getting started with painting is to know which colors to use and above that, how to use those colors. Having and choosing the perfect combination is very essential and this is as important as putting up the optimum shades.

However, the knowledge of making and applying perfect combination, shades and strokes come in with time and practice, but it always helps to have an edge over it and this can be gained by going thoroughly through color theories.

These theories give the artists knowledge and develop his/her skill of using and making the right combination with unique colors and blend them to create shades and colors which are desired.

There are many theories which came into existence from time to time. The artist called Goethe who was from Germany also announced one theory which said that Blue, Red and Yellow are the primary colors. This is because he though and perceived that by mixing these colors, all other colors can be obtained easily.

Here’s an example, if we require orange color then we can blend red and yellow color in the right proportionate combination to obtain it.

For the darker shade of orange, more concentration of red color can be used. In the same way if we mix blue and yellow color, green color will be obtained.

The theory mentioned above was rejected later on with time and many loopholes were found and with the development taking place in all areas, a new theory came in to existence. This theory suggested that green, blue and red colors are the primary colors. Primary color means that by using these colors all other colors can be obtained.

These theories were helped by beam of monochromatic lights to come to conclusions. Subject of color chemistry consisted of Yellow, Magenta and Cyan which were called as secondary colors.

These color theories are applied in our daily life, and we do not even realize it. We go for shopping and buy pair trousers which are contrasting to the shirt we bought and females buy shoes which are matching and contrasting with the clothes they have bought.

For home decoration what we bring is matching and contrasting with the color of interiors of our home. Doing this blending and matching of colors is a very easy job for artists and painters.

It will be unfair to say that the theories of colors have their utilization in work of painting professions only. This is because these color theories are used by physicists in many of their own works while using light spectrums. Spectrum used here has all the colors which exist and which comes together to form the white light.

To understand and gain knowledge of the technology of the spectrum, it is very essential that one has complete knowledge of the Color Theory Clothing Design otherwise progress in that field will be restricted. In any case for painter the knowledge of color theories is a must because without its application the painting would not be attractive and neither will create that impact on the viewers.