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Stressed about a deadline, it’s hard not to sit down and write. Don’t! Resist. Abort. Slow down.

Decide how long you can spend on this paper. Writers should not spend more than one hour each page. A ten- to twelve-page paper of good quality should be completed in five hours. Set a timeline for yourself and work consistently to finish the assignment. You have two hours to write a 6–8 page essay. It’s a squeeze, but you’ll make it. 30 minutes researching, 30 minutes writing and 30 minutes editing/compiling sources. If you are searching β€œwrite essay for me”, please visit our website.

Add an Introduction to Your Purpose Statement

With a good thesis, your essay will have a more positive, academic tone. Your thesis statement should make a claim and summarise the evidence used to support it.

Assume you were assigned this task: Examine and compare a film’s production era. Before you start writing, decide on its aim. Describe the film’s decade of production. If you can convince your reader that a film truly depicts its decade, it will. Your argument should be concise and unambiguous, not flowery. Thesis statements should follow four or five outstanding phrases that summarise significant ideas and facts regarding your theme. Nobody wants to be spoiled, but you also don’t want to terrify your reader. Here is a sample thesis statement for the aforementioned question: “How to Marry a Millionaire” authentically depicts 1950s family values, women, and consumerism. Unless your instructor instructs differently, create a lengthier paragraph describing the subject in greater detail so that readers can follow along more readily.

After then, focus on each of the three sub-topics. Step 4 will elaborate on this. Each subtopic should include three references that support but should not duplicate your arguments. Include at least three related subtopics to your main theme to strengthen your argument or opinions. Your argument will seem weak and unsupported if it is less. If you are searching β€œwrite my essay”, please visit our website.


There is no middle ground here. You should provide as much information as possible to avoid overwhelming the lecturer or TA. The effort must be shown even if you haven’t spent a lot of time studying your problem.

Use a library if your paper requires it. If you’re stuck, Google is your best friend. Plug in your primary topic, then your sub-topic keywords. Read the first three pages carefully. But not all search options. When reading a post, pay attention to the title, summary, and URL. You need reputable sources. If you utilise the Internet, always cite it in-text (if your college prefers footnotes, use those instead). In-text citations usually include one space between the author’s last name and the page number where the work appears (e.g. Smith 56).

Bodily Phrases

After your thesis and introduction, go on to the body paragraphs. This is how I outline a brief yet great paragraph.

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