A camping trip is a fun adventure you can do with your family. But do you know what’s not fun on a camping trip? Packing. There’s nothing worse than packing the essentials and it wouldn’t fit in your bag or in the boot of your car. So avid campers are always on the hunt for collapsible camping gear – to save space. 

In the world of camping, the dilemma of saving space is universal. Hundreds of innovative camping gear has been developed by product engineers that are both functional and space-saving. You can take more compact camping goods with you without compromising quality instead of trying to fit bulky camping gear into your vehicle by adding a roof box or a trailer.

If you’re a gear fanatic, you know how tough it can be to pick the proper camping equipment. In your attempt to reduce space on camping trips, you’ve probably encountered some small camping gear that hasn’t worked out.

If you’re going to use containers, pots, or other similar items with anything edible, make sure they’re food friendly. The existence of BPA is a useful trait. It means there’s no bisphenol A, which is a “controversial chemical” that has previously been used in plastics. Silicone is the “secret component” in most collapsible camping gear that allows it to fold down. It can also resist high temperatures, allowing it to be used with boiling water and hot meals, as well as in the oven in some situations. Make sure that other objects, such as handles, don’t add to the bulk of these space-saving camping essentials. Check the silicone’s quality; if it’s too thin, it can tear easily.

Tents, chairs, food containers, and tables can all compress into smaller, more accessible, and easier to pack gear. That isn’t something new, but on camping trips, what else could we collapse or fold down?

Firstly, there’s a collapsible kettle for keeping your water warm! It’s a real space saver. If you prefer the notion of an electric kettle than a gas-powered kettle but want it to take up as little room as possible, a collapsible kettle could be for you.

Next up, a collapsible basin. So, chances are, your caravan or motorhome already has at least one permanent basin. Make it easier to utilize the campsite’s facilities for doing your laundry, washing dirty feet or dogs, and bring over a collapsible basin for your camping adventure so you won’t need to run back to your caravan for any washing. 

Even lighting, a helpful tiny lantern can be collapsed. Ideal for hanging in an awning bedroom, used as a tabletop lantern, or bringing light to your dark camping adventures.

A portable burner is a space saver that still offers you that “camp food” taste of a complete grill if you’ll be cooking at the campsite. You can effortlessly cook whole meals with the 105 square inch grilling surface.

Finally, a pocket blanket is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. It can be used as a tarp, a blanket for outside of your tent, a camping tarp, hiking blanket, camp blanket, and many more. You won’t have to worry about rain or humidity because it’s waterproof. Other camping essentials can be stowed in the corner pockets. 

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