The launch of cryptocurrencies has been a hot topic of discussion in the past few years. Just like paper money, cryptocurrency can be used to buy online goods or services. People also trade with digital currencies to generate profit. Today, a large number of traders worldwide trade various cryptocurrencies to maximize profits. Multiple people call cryptocurrencies with multiple names. Some call it future money, and some call it an extremely risky asset. Crypto trading is not the same for everyone; some get rich overnight, and some lose their savings in a jiffy. Strategies and perceptions about cryptocurrencies spread fast because digital currencies are unique and complicated technology that anyone can access from anywhere. This may leave people questioning whether they should invest their money in crypto, whether crypto is safe, or how it works, making the newbies reluctant to buy their first share of digital coin. In order to spread awareness and create opportunities for practitioners, Coinmarketpedia brings an online crypto and blockchain education platform that offers online pre-recorded courses by trading experts and blockchain gurus. Crypto knowledge is power, and newbies need to gain as much information as possible to reduce fear, jump into the profit-making pool, start trading, and prevent risks. In future, they might also need the services of a crypto tax accountant for crypto tax filing.

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized digital currency that one can use to buy online goods and services. The currency is under the control of decentralized governance, and it has nothing to do with a central bank authority. The technology that runs cryptocurrency is a distributed ledger, known as blockchain technology. Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency in blockchain technology, which won its first attention in 2008. Since then, economists gave their predictions, and the value of bitcoin started rising high. Today, there are thousands of cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Solana, Tether, and Cardano. Worldwide, traders buy or sell different digital currencies based on the ongoing market trends. The blockchain market is fluctuating – one needs to look at various factors before making buying or selling decisions. Therefore, crypto education is important. People with a great understanding of crypto prevent risk and make smart decisions. Education helps the newbies buy currencies and sell timely to make huge profits. With great knowledge comes great opportunity. Every expert in this industry was once a newbie. People learn about the decentralized finance and the blockchain innovation and become experts with education and practice. Coinmarketpedia aims to bring all the crypto enthusiasts and blockchain experts into a channel to exchange their knowledge and expertise. The crypto education platform offers an opportunity to gather all traders, developers, investors, instructors, learners, and projects into one community.

The educational platform believes that proper education is necessary for all industries to integrate the blockchain technology. It brings transparency and speed, reduces the risk of loss, increases returns, and allows new comers to avoid scams. Coinmarketpedia provides specially

designed courses on its platform for everyone to understand every alpha to omega about DeFi and improve their personal and business skills.

Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, Coinmarketpedia was established in 2020. The crypto and blockchain education company was co-founded by Aryan Farivar, Ashay Arya, and Amir Alaghband. The key people established this company to democratize blockchain knowledge and spread it to the world. The company works under a team of professional cryptocurrency traders and experts. Coinmarketpedia was founded in 2020, but the blockchain experts have been working on developing this platform since mid-2019 with the collaboration of top traders and experts in the industry.

Coinmarketpedia has the mission to connect people securely and globally for exchanging essential crypto knowledge and blockchain information, making it easy for the newbies to enter the field and maximize profits and for developers to start their own blockchain projects. The company has the vision to create equal opportunity for all. The company is headquartered in Dubai but provides its services worldwide so that everyone around the globe can access crypto education. Currently, the platform offers over 100 online courses on cryptocurrencies and other topics. The company believes that everyone should get an opportunity to learn the market situations, operate according to signals, and buy and sell crypto timely.

The company had a seed investment of two million dollars that they spent on designing pre- recorded courses. Coinmarketpedia not just offers educational courses on cryptocurrencies, but it also provides courses on other assets in the blockchain industry, such as web 3.0 and the metaverse.