Coinbase will be listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange on April 14, 2121 & notes you need to know!

In the past days, Coinbase’s news on the Nasdaq stock exchange on April 14, 2021 was the most prominent information, most interested by Crypto investors.

So what is the real Coinbase IPO (share issuance) event? Why is this event important to the crypto market? What will be after this event & how will it affect investors like us…?

All these issues Ngoc will bring you the following personal information & perspectives.

What is Coinbase? What role to play in the crypto market?

Coinbase is a US-based cryptocurrency exchange and also the world’s leading. At the moment, Coinbase’s trading volume is second only to Binance.

coinbase on the nasdaq stock exchange
Coinbase currently has 2 versions:

  • Individual investors
  • Coinbase pro: Exchanges for big investors, “whales – whales” trade in large numbers. For example, recently when you see Tesla buy 1.5 billion Bitcoin, or MicroStrategy buy hundreds of millions of dollars of Bitcoin… where they buy is Coinbase Pro.

Unfortunately, at the moment, Coinbase only supports customers in the US & more than 20 other countries, so we cannot register for an account yet.

In short, Coinbase is a large and influential exchange in the crypto market, so the Coinbase listing will be a big impact on this entire market.

Coinbase on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange: Understand it!

As you all know, the IPO of companies is a common practice ever. But with CoinBase listed on the Nasdaq on April 14, 2021, it was a breakthrough. For the following reasons:

  • Up to the present time, there is not a single company operating in the field of electronic money on the floor. Hence Coinbase is a huge “bang”
  • This will create confidence for investors & completely change people’s thinking about crypto.
  • Coinbase is currently highly valued & is expected after this IPO Coinbase will be a successful IPO like Facebook did before.
  • Coinbase Company is predicted to be worth up to $ 100 billion. This is a very high value listed company in the tech industry.
  • Coinbase’s token is COIN – A security code very close to the Crypto market & likely to cause a huge fomo

How does Coinbase go on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange?

Instead of issuing shares (IPO) in the usual form, Coinbase will issue shares directly (Direct Public Offering). This is a way of issuing shares where the issuing organization directly sells shares to investors without going through a financial intermediary.

That is, Coinbase will allow investors in the company that is already a shareholder to be able to bring Coinbase shares to the exchange for trading.

As reported by Bloomberg, shares of Coinbase Global Inc. was traded for between $ 350 and $ 375 per unit on the Nasdaq closed auction market last week. Giving the company a pre-IPO valuation of between $ 90-100 billion. The session reportedly ended with stock prices at $ 350.

What effect does Coinbase have on the stock exchange affect Bitcoin & the future of the crypto market?

With our observation, the Coinbase IPO will create the next wave of IPOs from companies specializing in Crypto.

It is possible that Binance (exchange No. 1) will also be the next company or BlockFi (a company specializing in lending, lending for interest with Crupto coins) in the US can also IPO … So you can see now This cryptocurrency will no longer be discriminated against by investors.

Individual investors who used to only care about stocks, gold … now they will have a changed outlook. Why is a crypto company like Coinbase going public? How are their profits, their business?… All of that will make Crypto an official part of the financial market. And individual investors will not be able to fail to invest in Bitcoin & enter this market.

The US will no longer be able to ban Bitcoin anymore, because with the SEC accepting Coinbase’s IPO application, Bitcoin in particular & Crypto in general will not be able to ban but just find a way to make it increasingly legal. only more.

How to buy Coinbase shares in Vietnam

Currently, if you are in Vietnam, buying Coinbase shares is not too difficult. You can completely open an account at Etoro, then wait until the day Coinbase lists stocks on Nasdaq, you can easily buy.

Like how we used VND to buy shares of Apple, Facebook, Amazon … on the Etoro floor!

Thus, it can be seen as an event that marks a major turning point to bring cryptocurrencies closer to the world and more popular with investors. And for sure this growth will be extended by large investors, companies will look at the proof of Coinbase’s success.