Homemade Cocktail Sauce at its Finest (Seafood Sauce)

Recipe for Homemade Cocktail Sauce – This 5-minute recipe for zippy, zesty seafood sauce only needs a few ingredients and is easily adaptable to your preferences. You’ll never go back to jarred cocktail sauce!

Recipe for the Best Cocktail Sauce

I can honestly tell that I haven’t bought a jar of cocktail sauce in at least 14 years.

After all, when the homemade version is so quick, cheap, and easy to make why would I spend the extra cash to buy a lesser quality product?

You can make the most flavorful, tangy, and absolutely BEST Cocktail Sauce Recipe you’ve ever tried by simply mixing a few ingredients you (most likely) already have in your refrigerator. You won’t miss the jarring stuff, I promise.

You may, of course, tweak it to your liking! To make a spicy dip for my shrimp cocktail, I like to add a dash of hot sauce.

• Ketchup – For the ideal tomato base of a great cocktail sauce, ketchup is a must.

• Lemon juice – Provides the required acidity to brighten all of the ingredients.

• Worcestershire sauce – Provides a smoky, earthy flavour depth. To make this whole recipe vegan-friendly, use a vegan version.

• Horseradish, prepared – This gives the cocktail sauce its distinct spicy zing.

• Garlic, minced – Aids in balancing the horseradish’s spiciness.

• Hot sauce (optional) – If you want to make the sauce even spicier!

How to Make Cocktail Sauce at Home

You’ll have this extremely zesty and versatile condiment ready to eat in less than 5 minutes.

Since it’s so easy to make, I suggest keeping a batch in the fridge at all times. You never know when a craving for hot, tangy cocktail sauce will strike!

Here are the easy steps I use to make the best cocktail sauce:

1. Combine the ketchup, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, and minced garlic in a small bowl.

2. Stir in the prepared horseradish, tasting as you go to see if more is needed. Add a splash or two of hot sauce for a fiery kick if desired.

3. Serve immediately or keep refrigerated in an airtight jar until ready to eat.

This is a Must-Try Cocktail Sauce Recipe…

• Steamed, fried, or roasted shrimp on burgers or roast beef sandwiches, such as these delectable Caribbean Shrimp Burgers (of course)

• Cream cheese and toasted tortilla chips

• Combine it with tomato juice to create a basic Bloody Mary base. • in a light, refreshing salad • as a tangy vegetable dip • on a seafood pizza