Coach Barnes Making Waves In The Industry With Her New Book “Grieving to Heal: The Shadow Boarding Experience”

Xenia Barnes, CEO and Founder of Gold Mind Thoughts Leadership Development & Life Coaching Services, aka “Coach Barnes,” has launched yet another book that is fully centered on healing from loss and includes strong suggestions for those who are suffering.

While “Grieving to Heal” recounts some of her life’s worst times and experiences, it also serves as a beacon of hope and perseverance. Her book “The Recondition: A Guide to Loving Yourself Through Trauma” is a real guide to navigating one’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions, but she doesn’t stop there.

What Is “Grieving to Heal: The Shadow Boarding Experience” All About?

People are frequently oblivious of the impact that trauma has on them and are unable to recognize it for lengthy periods of time. Even though individuals are aware of what they are going through, it is difficult for them to embrace the trauma and go on with their life because they feel the past tugging at their threads. This book highlights all of the consequences that trauma has on a person, which is far more than they can discuss. As a result, it serves as a guideline for moving ahead with your life and getting past that feeling that is holding you back. There are several opportunities that the individual missed during this period that should be pursued in order to begin the healing process.

Grieving to Heal may take you through the full trip and the emotions that individuals experience during the healing process, but you should surely wait for the final result since it is only then that you will be grateful. But one thing is certain: in order to begin the healing process, it is vital to embrace the trauma rather than be deluded.

About The Author

Coach Barnes has over two decades of expertise in the industry, making her the ideal person to talk about it and write a book about the grieving and healing path. She has also assisted many clients, which has given her knowledge and competence in knowing more about the various personalities. She is exploring advanced human behavior and elevating it to new heights, with her being a Ph.D. candidateand having a superior educational background.

Coach Barnes also offers coaching services, which are a means of realizing one’s actual potential and becoming the finest version of oneself. Coach Barns has a unique approach of arranging the book by adding an interactive worksheet at the conclusion for each reader to keep track of their trip. There are no hidden secrets; her writings are thought-provoking and just what you need to begin your path of being the greatest version of yourself emotionally, physically, professionally, and spiritually for those who choose to go in that way.

Her book is intended to instill hope in the lives of those who think they are helpless and alone. If you want a life-changing experience, don’t forget to read her book.