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CloudHub   – Text From This Video

Hello everyone! My name is Jitender Bhavna. I am a senior architect of solutions. This video will demonstrate the capabilities and features that CloudHub 2.0 offers. Several architectures that can be implemented with CloudHub 2 will also be discussed.

. Let’s rapidly advance to the following slide and begin our discussion of CloudHub 2.0. As you are aware, MuleSoft recently announced CloudHub 2.0 to facilitate the developer experience for deploying and operating applications in a Kubernetes-based containerized environment.


is a readily deployable, completely managed service for developers.

CloudHub local OTO and operate applications in an environment that is resilient and scalable. In CloudHub 2.0, we will delve deeper into scalability, fault tolerance, and high availability. CloudHub 2.0

Applications can be deployed in both private and shared spaces. Shared space is a multi-tenant configuration in which all MuleSoft tenants share the same space for application deployment. However, tenant information is not disseminated. Private space is a mode for a single tenant in which every application operates in its own container. CloudHub version 2.

available in 12 regions worldwide. Applications can be deployed on multiple replicas to facilitate high availability and fault tolerance. CloudHub 2.0 supports application deployments with periodic updates and recreates. In addition, it offers more granular vCore options and supports dynamic scaling.

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CloudHub 2.0 stores up to 200 MB of log data per configuration for up to 30 days, depending on which limit is reached first. It features intelligent restoration and updates with zero delay. CloudHub 2.0 supports container-based deployment and implements last-mile security with Kubernetes.

In the private domain, CloudHub 2.0 includes an ingress load balancer with auto-scaling capabilities. It also permits the configuration of both inbound and outbound firewall rules. CloudHub 2.0 includes a security policy that encrypts secrets to protect services and sensitive data.

In subsequent videos, we will place greater emphasis on how to deploy applications in CloudHub 2.0 and discuss additional architectures. We appreciate your viewing. Please select the “like” and “subscribe” icons if you enjoyed the video.

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