Cloud service provider companies – Important and Omnipresent

Cloud service provider companies basically provide Information technology as a service through the internet. Cloud services allow you to store and access data on the internet, and saves you the hassle of cluttering your hard disk. The cloud service provider companies allow you to gain access to your data through a remote server. It therefore removes the barrier of on-site and on-premises functioning. 

The cloud service provider companies work on different models depending on the requirement of the client. These include developing public clouds, managing private clouds or may work on a more focused approach of providing cloud computing services as and when needed. The cloud computing services include Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and the likes. The basic argument, however, is why go to cloud service provider companies, and the answer is low cost, better quality, efficient business process compared to the traditional on premise IT operations. It is needless to say how the post-Covid information world has made it all the more important anyway. 

Here is a list of top cloud service provider companies around the globe that are working. Not to mention, there are hundreds and thousands of more such companies working all over the world. 

Top cloud service provider companies in the world 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) 

AWS-the Amazon’s cloud web platform is one of the top and the oldest cloud service provider. It offers easy sign-up, convenient management by providing add or remove capability, faster deployments, centralized billing, and reliable and cost effective solutions. AWS is one of the cloud service provider companies that offer hybrid capabilities and per hour billing. 

Microsoft Azure  

Microsoft Azure is the cloud platform of Microsoft launched in 2010. It is an open source platform that provides services in development, data storage, hosting solutions and service management. Azure offers consistency across similar tools and resources which makes it easy to use at a relatively low cost, and greater flexibility. It also allows to manage and grade up and down the IT resources according to the needs of the business at any given time. 


Salesforce is one of the top rated cloud service provider companies offering specialized and diverse cloud services including Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Service Cloud etc. It is so designed that the production environment is accelerated thus saving time and energy and increasing productivity. Salesforce offers 24/7 support thus allowing for greater accessibility. This cloud service provider company also aids in managing the customer information and automating the business processes. 

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud is one of the top cloud service provider companies that offers the solution to all sorts of challenges with convenience. It uses AI and data analytics that increases the productivity manifold. Google Cloud offers a full suite of cloud services which enables you to elevate and transform your business with greater scalability and enhanced flexibility. 

IBM Cloud 

IBM Cloud, built on AI and advanced tools, is a full stack platform that encompasses public, private and hybrid cloud environments. It offers SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. IBM is one of the best cloud service provider companies offering cloud communications services in IT environment. It also offers pioneering which helps businesses gain value and traction in the market. 

Dell Cloud

Dell Cloud is one of the top rated cloud service provider companies that allow businesses to integrate their own or custom select the architecture, and integrated and public cloud platforms. It is a cloud platform that offers cloud-enabled infrastructure and models all in one place. The highlight of this cloud service provider company is that it allows you to work with your existing operations. 

These are the few top cloud service provider companies with so many more working all over the world. Living in the times of big data and data analytics, this is the future of computation and Information Technology.