Cloud Gaming & The Most Popular Android Cloud Emulator Platforms

The rapid development of the game industry has spawned cloud games. Compared with traditional game modes, cloud games can greatly reduce the device cost for players to play games. For many high-quality games that need to be updated for a long time, cloud games can also reduce the cost for game companies to release, update and maintain games.

What does Cloud Game Mean?

Cloud games, also known as games on demand, are new technologies based on cloud computing. Obviously, games in demand can be obtained as long as you think about it. This is a service that can be used to improve game performance. In the cloud game model, all game logic and rendering are run on the server, and then the compressed video is transmitted to users from the server, so that players do not need a computer with a good CPU and GPU. 

The only requirements are a basic video decompression software and a reliable network. However, if the network is not stable enough, cloud games may not be reliable. The main technologies used in cloud games include cloud computing technology for completing game operation and image rendering in the cloud, and streaming media transmission technology between player terminals and the cloud.

The Development Trend of Cloud Games

With the arrival of the 5G era, and the ability of the central cloud sinking to the edge cloud, the features of high bandwidth, low latency, and high performance are closely combined with cloud games, breaking through the bandwidth and latency problems of real-time cloud rendering, and also giving cloud games greater imagination. Cloud games are a small but rapidly growing field in the overall game market. As people hope to lower the threshold for playing games, they will become more and more popular.

The popularity of cloud games has driven the sales of various devices and services. Most noteworthy is that by 2027, the cloud game market is expected to reach 7.24 billion dollars. Considering that the entire game market is expected to reach about 287 billion US dollars by 2026, this figure is still relatively low. Overall, this is good news for game players, but the expected growth of cloud games will also bring a series of challenges.

Hundreds of millions of medium and light users around the world are unwilling to spend too much money on their devices or download too many game packages on their computers and mobile phones. Therefore, cloud games that can get rid of hardware performance limitations and play instantly become an effective way to reach medium and light users. The cost of hardware and download has been reduced, and the saturated market has ushered in new growth. In addition, after breaking the hardware limit, mobile games can be expanded to PC and TV screens, and PC and host games can also be selected by mobile game players. This cross platform capability of content will stimulate more traffic and usage time.

The Most Popular Android Cloud Emulator Platforms

  • Redfinger Cloud Phone

As the leading player in the cloud gaming sector, Redfinger is available for players to download in Google Play in 2019, sitting at over 1 million downloads with 3.3 stars. Against the backdrop of the fact mentioned above, Redfinger cloud phone comes into existence, enabling gamers to enjoy playing the game that they want. Redfinger Cloud Phone realizes remote mobile virtualization and virtual mobile infrastructure technology. Redfinger successfully grasped the core of virtual ARM, enabling the Redfinger platform to accommodate 100% native Android operating system hosted on the virtual machine. Using the Redfinger platform, you can ensure instant access to the virtual android devices of Redfinger. Its functions are similar to those of a physical Android smartphone. Data and applications run on a cloud based virtual phone, not a physical phone.

  • LD Cloud 

September 6 this year sees the launch of LDCloud application, totaling more than 10 thousand downloads with 2.9 stars in Google Play. Like other cloud phone platforms, LD cloud has the functions of covering local storage space, not consuming traffic, and not consuming power, allowing you to have another cloud Android phone on your mobile phone. According to the description in Google Play, LD Cloud has a synchronization function that allows users to immediately control multiple devices with one click, aiming to improve the efficiency of role upgrading in the game and watching live video.

  • LT Cloud Phone

As a new player in cloud gaming industry in 2022, LT Cloud Phone was also released on Google Play on January 24, with more than 100000 downloads, reaching 2.9 stars. LT cloud phone is independent of mobile phone system. The official said that LT Cloud Phone is absolutely authoritative in adopting the server client model. Remotely hosted applications avoid data theft or data leakage caused by malware. LT Cloud Phone firmly locks sensitive applications and files to protect privacy and systems.

  • EClac Cloud Phone

August 17 witnessed the launch of EClac Cloud Phone in Google Play. Ecalc software uses different hardware systems, enabling users to seamlessly adopt it on Android and Windows devices. So far, the application has received more than 500 2.6 star downloads. To be honest, the platform has not been welcomed to varying degrees among mobile game players. People may still doubt whether EClac has the opportunity to become a leader in the industry. 

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