Cloud Accounting Software and RealBooks

Cloud accounting software is the application of accounting online using web based accounting applications on the internet and the cloud.

Also known as small business accounting software, today online billing software is widely used by small businesses for invoicing and billing on mobiles.

However, a lot of online accounting software varies in terms of features and benefits that defines it, if it is a perfect fit for your business or not.

Therefore depending on the size your business, if you are a small business owner you need a scalable accounting tool.

And a good GST accounting software is what you need online.

For example, RealBooks is a robust cloud accounting software that manages your accounts, automates business workflows and keeps you GST compliant.

Therefore Realbooks perfectly fits the business space of small to large businesses.


Why RealBooks is the preferred accounting software of businesses?

RealBooks is a world class proprietary accounting software that provides a robust accounting structure for all business needs.

Therefore it does not matter whether you are a small business or a Fortune 500 company – RealBooks comprehensive feature list, combined with unique intelligence tools, always ensure higher business efficiency for small to large businesses.

An accounting software that is truly scalable as you can create unlimited companies and branches and easily navigate to any branch with a click of a button.


a) End-to-end Business Workflow

Right from sales order to invoicing, RealBooks seamlessly integrates your Order to Cash sales life cycle  and Procure to Pay purchase life cycle process for your business. So you can easily focus on your transactions while your accounting software handles all the mundane task for you.


b) Consolidate Unlimited Branches

RealBooks is a preferred accounting software for small business because it allows you to focus on what you need at one glance. An advanced accounting tool that allows you to view the consolidated reports for all your branches, business locations and companies every single day.


c) GST Compliance

RealBooks helps your to file your tax returns easily and keep your business GST Compliant. Auto Compute GST on invoices, track your GST liability, and file your tax returns directly and lock entries once your returns are filed.


d) Document Management

Document management is one of the most important feature of RealBooks.¬† It allow a business owners to view and upload documents on the cloud and go paperless. Most of the offices are cluttered with a stack of files and folders ‚Äď to which we keep adding more every year. The result ‚Äď Cluttered spaces and finding the right documents when needed is very difficult. The solution is to simple start saving the digital version of the file.


e) User Permissions Based on IP

RealBooks has been designed for a collaborative environment and understands that not all users should have same access levels to data. It allows per page create, edit, delete and view permissions to be assigned to each user. Each user can be restricted to access the system from fixed locations using Static IP, login to a single or multiple companies or branches and can be allowed to do, with back dated edit and entry for a given no. of days.



If you need a robust accounting software online, RealBooks can be a best fit for your business.

There are immense benefits for businesses of all sizes to take accounting online.

Because cloud accounting software provides a good collaboration for your company.

And provide access to real time data across multiple devices anytime and anywhere.

Thereby seamlessly automating your task and reducing data loss.