Clince Varghese becomes the First Indian artist to host an International Music Album Launch Live Virtual Party with American Popstar Ava Max

Clince Varghese also famously known as VJ Clince from MTV Trackstar & Vh1 Freshers Party has been a name synonymous with the Indian Youth Entertainment Industry. His social media popularity is a sign of the value he is able to add in the lives of people with his words and actions. His recent International collaboration has opened up new avenues for Indian artists to showcase their talents at an International level. He recently struck a deal with Warner Music India and has become the first Indian to moderate an International Music launch virtual party of the American Popstar Ava Max who has more than 4 billion Career streams. She was nominated in the ‘Best New Artist’ category at the MTV Music Video Awards 2019 & MTV Europe Music Awards 2019. Let’s speak to Clince and get to know more about this virtual launch party.

Interviewer : Congrats Clince on this landmark achievement. You have now paved ways for Indian artists to go global.

Clince : Thanks for the kind words. India is a talent rich country and is at par with global standards as far as technology and communications are concerned. With the world going virtual, the opportunities to collaborate with global brands and work on International projects from the comfort of your home has become a possibility. Special shoutout to my passionate team at ENI Global who help me maximise the impact that I envision to create with my work with strategic marketing plans.

Interviewer – What does it take for an Indian Talent to become global in todays time?

Clince In my opinion, there are 2 important metrics that can scale the impact of an Indian artist at a Global stage today. Passion & Patience is a very important quality required in an Artist and secondly a strong management Team who believes in your vision and works dedicatedly to make it happen. If these 2 Superpowers are combined with premium tools of technology and electronic communications, working on International projects isn’t anymore a far fetched dream for any talented Indian artist.

Interviewer : You pioneering efforts are now inspiring other Indians to go global too. How do you feel to lead this trend?

Clince : It’s very sweet of you to say such motivating words. I see an opportunity has come to us with Covid. In the early 2000s, India saw a boom in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) aka the call center revolution in India. India’s ability to provide great workforce that could deliver gold standard work at an affordable price alongwith world class technology infrastructure helped boost the industry. Today every Indian artist, professionals, coaches and consultants can scale their business impact with the power of virtual technology.

Interviewer : How do you balance between your Artist, Entrepreneur and Coaching lifestyle? Hasn’t the Covid situation made it more difficult?

Clince My Granny used to tell me, “Adding value in Peoples lives is the highest form of Empowerment.” I truly believe when you do something you love, you inspire and awaken others too. Hence I have found a way to weave in the various avatars of mine into a successful business model that Engages and Inspires people.

Interviewer : What are your future plans?

Clince : To embark on a journey that will help add value for others. On the artistic front, I have some exciting International collaborations lined up. It’s too early to reveal as I am bound by contracts. From the Entrepreneurial side, our team at ENI Global LLP aims to be leaders in Virtual Entertainment Marketing by empowering artists with better opportunities and platforms and put India at a global map. I am also working on a digital coaching model that helps people overcome many a pain points that they are facing in their day to day life that is driven by lack of motivation, communication skills, leadership qualities etc.

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