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Video review for Front End only ClickZee

ClickZee   – Text From This Video

Hello and welcome to today’s video. We’ll look at a site called Click to make to see whether you can work from home and make $50 for each user. You are referring to the real click to earn on the actual platform. So, make sure you stick around until the very finish of this movie. You’ll discover several things that you’ll want to know before you start marketing click to earn. So, without further ado, let’s go to the desktop, run through Click to make, and do a comprehensive Click to Earn review so you know precisely what it’s all about and whether you can make $50 per user.

Okay. So, as you can see here, when you go to the Click to Earn website, it says, “Confidently work from home,” and if we scroll down, it says, “Get paid to invite friends, test out free apps and games, and more, and earn fifty dollars.” Okay, and it also says here that you get a $25 bonus once you sign up. That’s a tool order; as we all know, today’s price is fifty dollars for each user. You mentioned that, so we’re going to go further and delve into the back of, hm. Find out precisely what it’s all about, how you can truly earn this money, if it’s true, whether it’s legit, and, I would say, stay tuned straight to the finish of this video.

I’m going to reveal certain facts you should be aware of before joining Click to Earn. Okay, so it says here, “Start earning right now.” All you have to do is sign up, earn a $25 incentive for signing up, do surveys, and download applications. And, um, you can earn actual money right away. It responds, “Okay,” and it says you may withdraw the money quickly via PayPal, Vimeo Cash, the app, and other options. So, without further ado, let’s go right into the website’s back end and learn everything we can about it. So all you have to do is click the join now button above, provide your information, and then go obtain a free account. Now, once you’re inside the website, as we’re now on the dashboard, click to learn, and as you can see here, I did got my 25 simply for joining up.

ClickZee Local OTO

“You can invite, invite, and earn,” it reads. It says copy and paste, copy and share with your friends and family. So this is the URL, and you would copy it, share it, and utilize the sharing kit to invite other people. But I don’t see any meaningful things to complete here, people. There are a few down here.

Scrolling down, it also states prizes, awards, and spaces will be available shortly. So there’s nothing. Actually, you can go test or do something like that. Obviously, it states here that you may spin the wheel for wonderful rewards every day, and that it resets every, um, three hours. So let’s take a closer look at what it is.

It just states, “Click to spin; nothing happens.” But it has. I truly have 45 bucks in my account. Now. Isn’t that odd? So, as you can see, people, this is a strange sight. It also, as previously said, does not provide you with any means of plainly earning other items. It states I’ve now attained level two; click for level two criteria.

ClickZee OTOs Linka

So it states here that you must have at least five clicks. You must invite at least five individuals in order to earn at least forty bucks. Okay. Well, I haven’t done anything to earn those forty-five bucks, so I’m not sure what it is, and it also states here: um, wealthier level, five boxes over the 31st, which is a few days away, and I’ll get a 300 bonus. Okay, publish on social media and get fifty bucks if you upload YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Tick Tock reels and earn so at the end of the day, men.

There don’t appear to be any legitimate offerings on here, and they appear to be throwing money out at random. So, as I previously stated, I have done a little more research into this. If we go back to the actual home page and click on payments and then scroll down, as you can see here, some people have obviously withdrawn, and supposedly it says 633 here, uh, 1560 here, so there’s loads of different types of payment proofs here, but as we scroll further down, some of them have dates on them. Today is May 13th. This is the seventh of May, so they’re all fairly old; we’re now in October, and this one is the 31st of May.

There don’t appear to be any more with definite dates, although the most of those are in May. Okay, so I went to see when the site went live. Oh, October 21st, 2021, okay? That was a year ago, okay? So, like I said, who dot?”

ClickZee OTO AIUpsell

A few of items instantly raise red flags: Basically, the registrar, Tusco’s Domains Inc., is not an acceptable name for most of the scam sites out there. I read that you connected to Tosco’s domains, Inc., and they are on their servers. But if we browse down a little farther, we can see the firm and the date the website was registered. Okay, and it says it was registered in, uh, June. So, all of them are payment proofs that say “May,” and this one says “October,” as I mentioned last year: they’re all phony, so

This is what you should be on the lookout for, and I’m here to assist you. I’m not here to gossip on this blog; I’m here to assist you earn money online. So, if they say they’re paying out, keep an eye out for these kinds of things. Look at the dates. Go conduct some research to find out when the site was registered. They’ve just been around for about three or four months, so the odds of them paying out much or having that many people join are slim, and, as I previously stated, all they ask you to do from within the account is essentially suggest other people. They definitely want you to do that, but they’re not going to pay you. There’s no way they can get this money to you since how can they promise you a $300 incentive for every invite? It’s not genuine, folks; you won’t get paid, I’m afraid, but make sure you stick around until the finish. I’m going to show you a series of movies where there are legitimate places where you may be paid and earn money online.

But I can assure you that it will not cost fifty bucks for an invitation. It’s as easy as that, because, um, they have to be able to earn money, and this firm plainly doesn’t produce money from anyplace. There is no method to upgrade. There’s no method to sell advertisements, and they’re not even offering you any jobs to accomplish, so where do they receive their money? They’re not fine.

ClickZee OTO Bonuses

So that’s all. So this isn’t going to work, people, so I’d avoid a click to gain, hm. It’ll be a fraud site. People will certainly invite it; they won’t realize they’re going to post it on social media, which is where I picked it up, ironically. Someone posted this in my Facebook group, and it seemed a little shady to begin with.

So clearly, I’m coming down with this video for you, so again, a heads up: don’t go join Click to Earn, but check out the videos. I’ve mentioned reputable sites that will pay out and, um, earn you a little cash per month towards the conclusion of this video, where there’s a complete playlist. Okay, believe me. You found it informative and interesting. If you did hit the like button for us, don’t forget to watch these videos next, and if you haven’t already, subscribe to the channel. If you click the notification button, you’ll be alerted whenever we post a new video.

That’s all for today. We’ll see you in the next video.

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