Angkor Wat is the largest complex of temples in the world, covering an area of 400 acres. The sunrise at Angkor Wat temples, too, is one of the most sought after the world. Angkor Wat is an essential part of any Cambodia tour package, and visitors ensure to include the site in their itinerary. People have to be bold enough to wake up early in the morning before the break of the dawn to capture the sunrise at Angkor Wat.

 To capture and make the sunrise at UNESCO World Heritage site of Angkor Wat, a lifetime memory, it is always better to follow a few tips to make the experience smoother.

i) Ensure that you have collected your pass for Angkor Wat a day before you wish to watch the sunrise. Receiving your pass on the same day of dawn will make it a stressful morning, as the ticket office opens at 0500 AM and this will be somewhat hectic. On your Cambodia Holidays, do not forget to carry your pass as it is necessary to enter the temple complex.

ii) When traveling from your accommodation to the temples early in the morning, ensure that you have arranged your transportation. It is possible to rent a bike; however, we do not recommend it because the sun can be very dazzling and the distances are also too long. Instead, you may hire a tuk-tuk that is quite readily available, directly or with the help of your hotel. The fare may vary anywhere between USD 20-30 per person.

iii) You are new and will be visiting the place early the next morning when it is still too dark and would not be sure of your destination. It is always a good idea to turn up a day in advance at the place that you have to visit the next morning so that you become familiar with it.

iv) Ensure that you carry a flashlight with you as it is still too dark and difficult to navigate without light.

v) Respect the culture of this being a Buddhist temple. Make sure that you cover your shoulders and knees when you visit the temple.

Getting to the Complex

Leave your accommodation in Siem Reap at 0445 AM in your tuk-tuk to reach the site by 0500 AM. Arriving earlier will help you fetch the right spot to view the sunrise while you are on your Holidays to Cambodia at Angkor Wat. Upon entering the entrance, there is some amount of walking while it is still pitch dark to reach the reflection pool. There are two reflection ponds in the temple complex, and the one on the left is where you get a good view of the sunrise.

Enjoy the view

Having reached early will be helpful to get you a place at the edge of the reflection pool on the left side without having to peep over the heads of others. While there may still be others who will push others to get a better spot or big cameras may emerge on top of your head. However, annoying it may be, you must focus entirely on the sunset that you have come to Watch early in the morning.

Choose a place that has fewer lily pads so that you can view a good reflection through the Water.

Stand as close to the Water edge as possible so that there is no one in front of you. And you get a clear view.

Most annoying are people who throw stones in the pond to stand upon them wanting to stay in front of everyone. Keep away from these places.

Wait Until You See the Full Sun

The golden hour begins around 0530 AM when you start clicking those fantastic pictures. The show goes on for approximately 1 hour when the sky changes its colors and shades every moment from soft, pink, orange, and bright. At this moment, people start leaving to visit the temples. However, wait for another half an hour, and you will be mesmerized by Watching the sun peeking behind the temple. It may be the moment when you have clicked your best pictures.

It is good to be at the right spot at the right time at Angkor Wat to take that beautiful picture that you have been dying to click. We are sure that having clicked the best sunrise shot at the Angkor Wat temples will be the most exciting moment of your Cambodia Tour package.