Clever Tips from SEO Experts on How to Increase Organic Traffic

Google reports more than 3.5 billion searches daily. More than half of those searches are business-related. Therefore, it’s evident that most customers use the internet whenever they need to get the right products or services. If you run a business, you should ensure that it is visible online. You should use the right keywords and craft your content well to enjoy the most traffic. You might not increase the organic traffic all of a sudden, but you can gradually raise it by using the right strategies. This guide will discuss the best SEO tips you should apply to increase your website’s traffic.

Start blogging and guest posting

Blogging is an incredible way of increasing the visibility of your website. You will only need to start your blog and write informative articles. The articles do not have to necessarily focus on your business, but rather on your niche. After that, you can have a compelling call to action to attract online users. 

Guest posting is also vital to a business. It increases the exposure of your business and expands your network through the backlinks. For maximum exposure, you may consider using anchor text distribution software from SEOJet to supercharge your link building. This software can help you beat your competitors by providing helpful backlinks which you can use to increase your traffic. Also, ensure that the guest website is reputable enough so that you can get more traffic. You might even invite other businesses to guest post on your website.

Here’s the best Guest Posting Websites.

Understand what your customers want

Google is a big data firm. It is not an advertising platform where you can post anything and expect traffic. So, if your traffic has been low for a while, the chances are that you are posting the wrong information. You might also be targeting the wrong population. So what should you do?

Firstly, you should identify your target customers. Find out what they want and how you can provide the best service. You may go through frequent customer reviews to see your clients’ demands. Review the frequently asked questions, too, because that is what the customers want. You may use Quora and the other websites which provide helpful suggestions.

Write appealing content

Content is the king in digital marketing. It is the only thing that online users want by visiting your website. If the content is interesting and informative, you will get more visitors, and your organic traffic will be high. Conversely, poor content will be a turnoff, and you might experience high bounce rates. Here are helpful tips which you can apply to improve your website content:

  • Research thoroughly to write the truthful and accurate information
  • Ensure that the content is brief and precise. Avoid unnecessary information
  • Use a personal tone to catch the attention of online users
  • Update the content regularly- do not let the same old content remain on the website for more than a year
  • Break the content into paragraphs. Ensure that there are short but informative headlines
  • Proofread the work for any typing mistakes

You can also identify and fix non-performing content. This is the content that no longer generates traffic to the site.

Find new keywords

Keywords determine the number of visitors you will get on your site. For maximum traffic, you should search for the right keywords and place them strategically in your content. You can place the keywords on the heading, subheading, and the conclusion. You can also have a primary keyword and other supporting keywords. 

Just like the content, you should not stick to the old keywords. Remember that the digital world changes very quickly, and the old keywords may no longer be effective. Thus, you should find new keywords by using Google Adwords, and the other keyword finder apps. Besides the online tools, you can also watch what your competitors are using, and use the exact keywords if they are working for them.


This is a prominent method for boosting your traffic. Otherwise, how will people notice your business if you don’t market it? Luckily, there are many advertising mediums for business, thanks to the increased use of the internet. Here are great ways in which you can advertise your website and boost your organic traffic.

Use local listings

Google has a local listings feature that helps website owners find nearby customers. It uses Google maps to help you find your target customers. For instance, if you sell sausages in Atlanta, the Atlanta residents will see your business whenever they need a sausage supplier.

●       Social media

Social media is the leading digital marketing method. It has become a necessity that businesses must use to survive. The leading social media platforms which you may use include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Find the right social platforms which you can use and create an account with them.

●       Press release

Do not hesitate to hold a press release whenever you make remarkable progress in your business or introduce a new product. The release will help you find new clients.

●       Join online communities

Join the relevant business communities for your niche. Most of these communities are helpful and can help you get great business ideas and awareness and add to your firm’s traffic.

●       Email marketing

Do not underestimate the importance of email marketing. Collect your customers’ emails, and text them regularly whenever you have a new product, or you need them to visit again. 

Create a responsive website

Is your website mobile friendly? If no, then you are missing a lot! We are living in a digital era where almost everyone has a smartphone. Unlike computers, smartphones are more mobile and convenient to use than desktops. Customers, therefore, use the handy device to search for businesses online. If your website is not mobile-friendly, you will lose the large traffic which the mobile users generate. Find an excellent website developer and designer to improve the responsiveness of your website.

You can increase your website’s traffic in many ways, but the above are the main ones. Understand what your customers want, implement the right strategies, and apply them. Also, remember to refresh your website often, even when you attain your desired traffic.