Clever Bathroom Decorating Ideas That’ll Transform a Space


Rearranging your bathroom, especially if it’s small, only lets you do so much. But if you’re tired of your current look, it may be time for a change!


Unlike other rooms in your home, there isn’t much “bathroom furniture” moving you can do to help you change the look. Instead, you will need to shift your focus to decorating the space to give it a new and improved makeover.


These seven clever decorating ideas will help you take your current “blah” or old bathroom style and transform it into one with a totally new look!


1. Cover the Corner Spaces


No matter how well you decorate, bare corners can make a room look awkward. In small spaces like bathrooms, these corners can be perfect for more storage or personal touches.


Consider filling those nooks and crannies along the edges with color and texture. Hang some water-resistant pictures that go along with your bathroom’s theme if you don’t need extra storage. 


Plants are always a good idea, too. They help dehumidify the room and absorb extra moisture before it turns into mold and mildew. The right indoor plants grow and thrive in the humid bathroom environment.


If working with spatial limits, you can add more storage with corner shelves or an angled bathroom stand. Everything in the room will encounter moisture and humidity. So make sure the furnishings you choose can handle this environment.


2. Brighten the Color Scheme 


Dark rooms shift the perspective of the eye and make the area look smaller. When you want to transform your bathroom, brightening the color scheme is an easy way to do it!


A new coat of paint always makes a room look fresh, but if you can’t paint, removable wallpaper is a good temporary option. Because it’s naturally resistant to moisture and easy to take down, peel-and-stick wallpaper is excellent for those who live in rentals.


Freshening up your accessories and bath mats with your new color scheme will bring everything together.


3. Add More Storage 


It’s easy for clutter to pile up in the bathroom when there’s not much room to store your stuff. Things get left in a mess, and now you also have the problem of moisture collecting on your items and ruining them.


With proper storage solutions, you can organize your bathroom items and protect them from too much damage. Think about what you have piling up. 


Would your bathroom benefit from some extra shelves and baskets?


These small fixes can totally transform your room by making it more efficient:







One or two extra drawers or shelves might be precisely what you need in your bathroom makeover!


4. Maximize Your Mirror Use 


Another idea to increase the perspective that you have a big bathroom area is to use mirrors. You can do this a few ways, like the typical over-the-sink vanity in traditional bathrooms.


But to enhance the room, even more, some experts suggest adding a large mirror to one wall, filling up the surface completely. This lets the light reflect through the whole space.


To get a similar effect, you can add a gallery wall of mirrors instead of one wall-sized solution. Choose three or four complementary mirrors and display them in a pattern on the flat space instead.


5. Use Your Window Ledges 


No matter how big or small your window is, it takes up an often-overlooked space in your bathroom. Use this bright ledge to store your toiletries or perfectly display a small plant.


If you don’t have a curtain in front of the window, you have just the right spot for more storage, too. Install a curtain rod securely as though you were putting up a window covering. Once it’s stable, you can hang lightweight baskets or accessories from it.


6. Spruce Up Your Shower 


Any decorated shower curtain closes off the bathing area like it’s supposed to. But it makes your bathroom look smaller at the same time.


If you can, use a glass shower door to give the illusion of more space. Even better, a trending decor style is to take out the curtain or door completely. Yes, this means there will be a lot of water everywhere, so it only works if you have good drainage.


When a shower curtain is necessary, you can still reduce the visual block by using two instead of one. After your shower, affix them to the wall like drapes.


7. Decorate With Your Style


Your bathroom is a room you use multiple times every day. It should be a place you enjoy looking at, so decorate it with your own individual style!


If you enjoy simplicity, go minimalistic with neutral colors, some bamboo furnishings, a few plants, and sparse decor.


For a bolder look, mix up your color scheme with geometric patterns. Limit your patterns to two or three complementary choices, though. The room is probably too small to fill with a lot of different shapes and colors without causing an overload to your senses.




Transforming your bathroom requires a little more creativity than necessary in other rooms of your home. You can’t rearrange the furniture to see an instant makeover.  


But with these seven simple decorating tips, your old style will disappear, and a new, improved bathroom look is in your future!

Author Bio

Caitlin Sinclair is the Business Manager at Harvest at Fiddyment Ranch. With over five years of property management experience, she begins and ends each day loving what she does. She finds joy in helping current and future residents and makes Harvest at Fiddyment Ranch a place everyone loves to call home.