ClearMoney; The next big thing in finance managemen

Financial independence is the ultimate goal that all humans work their whole lives towards. However, getting there requires a whole lot of discipline and razor-sharp management skills. 

In the modern world, an average person’s finances are split into various streams, and being spent in a wide variety of domains. Hence, management and discipline might not be the easiest tasks. It’s natural to feel like you’re, “all over the place,” with your finances and need some help.

Recognizing this need, experts from companies like Dropbox, Lyft, Netflix, and Google, came together to create a singular platform for all things financial management, ClearMoney.

ClearMoney is a new app that has been launched with the sole purpose of helping you streamline your personal finances.

How is ClearMoney better than other platforms providing a similar service? ClearMoney brings together all of your finances, from various accounts and other sources including traditional accounts, credit cards, retirement accounts, investing accounts, and even services like Venmo. ClearMoney gathers all this data and organizes it in one place to provide you with a holistic picture of your financial habits and to help you find your desired financial path.

Let’s look at some of the features of the app that help you do that.

First, ClearMoney helps you understand budgeting. The app tracks your spending habits and analyses them to help provide you with a weekly budget target that is best suited to your spending needs.

Secondly, ClearMoney app allows you to create customized goals. Once these goals are created, ClearMoney will help you visually track your progress and let you know how close you are to achieving those goals.

Thirdly, ClearMoney will track spending across different categories. Are you shopping at a particular store too often? Are your bills the biggest part of your monthly expenditure? Do you have a weakness for a particular kind of fast food? ClearMoney will help you keep track of all of this and more.

And lastly, the app will keep you accountable and help you stay the course with real-time alerts and notifications, it does a great job keeping you in the know regarding any upcoming bills or about the progress of any particular goal you’ve set. Even if you can’t trust yourself with money, it is very clear you can trust this app.

Understandably, feeding so much sensitive data to a single platform, security would be the primary concern of any user. The creators of the app have ensured protection equivalent to that of your bank, meaning AES-256 both at rest and in transit.

While the basic version of the app is free for all to use, it’s also limited to 3 connected accounts. The premium plan with unlimited goals and unlimited accounts connected costs a mere $4.99 per month, nothing more than a price of a decent cup of coffee!

The subscription model means the makers of the app can focus on creating functionality for their users, without resorting to ads or affiliate marketing.

The app was launched earlier this year and has already made quite a name for itself due to all the right reasons.

Ellen Hollington

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