Clear Home Design: Proven Care Tips for Acrylic Furniture

Undeniably, shopping for quality acrylic furniture can be very demanding and stressful especially if it’s done in a physical store. Physical shopping gives you access to limited options, but by shopping online, you have various options, designs, and styles to choose from. Almost every store has a website. This makes the purchase easier and faster. 

Even though it may not be possible to feel the texture of the acrylic piece, for instance, you can read reviews to see if it’s of good quality. You can also order the furniture to be delivered to your doorstep at a pretty good price. Guess what? You can do all of these from the comfort of your home. 

That’s why, in this article, we’ll be showing you how to clean and care for your acrylic furniture. Besides that, we’ll look at what to consider when buying acrylic furniture, and over 10 other places with the best acrylic furniture designs, including clear home design. 

Read through and discover the many online places where you could purchase good quality acrylic bed stands, chairs, tables, cupboards, and many others, at a great price. That way, you don’t need to keep wondering where to buy furniture online anymore.

What to Consider When Buying Acrylic Furniture

  • What Kind of Acrylic Furniture Do I Like?

Acrylic furniture is one of the most reliable and long-lasting types of furniture. Buying furniture is a great investment and shouldn’t be done every month. Thus, you wouldn’t want to spend your money on something you don’t like. If you must get acrylic furniture, then, make sure you choose the designs and styles you love.

Do you prefer modern or contemporary designs? You don’t want to keep buying new pieces every week because you no longer like the existing ones.

  • What Color of Decor Do I Have?

Before purchasing any furniture, you need to consider the styles and colors of decor in your home. This is to ensure that the furniture you buy has a color that fits in perfectly to give the room a contemporary look.

  • Is Acrylic Furniture Durable?

You wouldn’t want to buy pieces that break down just after a week of use. Inquire about the durability of the furniture and how long they hold their colors. Otherwise, go for clear acrylic furniture.

  • What’s the Price of an Acrylic Furniture?

Most acrylic furniture are expensive because they’re high-quality furnishings. So, before you set out to buy one ensure you have a great budget. However, you could search for shops that sell at a fair price.

How to Clean Lucite and Acrylic Furniture

Here are the perfect ways and materials to use in cleaning your acrylic furniture from clear home design to prevent them from losing value:

Materials to Use:

  1. Cleaning solution
  2. Dirt-free microfiber damp cloth
  3. Polish kit
  • Make Use of Only the Right Tools

It’s very necessary to use only products made specifically for cleaning acrylic because any other cleaner like Windex or Fantastik will make the material look cloudy and dirty. To ensure that the surface of the furniture is clean as it’s supposed to be, make sure the microfiber cloth is dirt-free to avoid scratching the surface of the furniture. 

Some of the best cleaning tools you could use are Brilllianize and soft cotton cloths.

  • Apply Cleaners

After picking out the right tools, the next step is to clean off dust and particles from the surface of the furniture. After that, apply a small amount of plastic cleaner to the acrylic surface. Then, use the microfiber cloth to slowly and gently clean the acrylic in small portions until the entire piece is cleaned.

  • Remove Scratches

The Novus’s 7100 plastic polish kits can be used to remove minor scratches from acrylic pieces’ surfaces. It’s advisable to reach out to professionals to polish the surface if the scratch is deep.

How to Care for Acrylic and Lucite Furniture

The work doesn’t just stop at cleaning the pieces, you have to be able to care for them the right way to keep them shiny and in good shape.

  • Clean Gently

Acrylic materials easily get scratched, so clean them slowly and gently. Also, avoid using hard, rough or sharp items on the surface of the furniture. If you drop any heavy object on it, lift it gently and put it down without dragging. 

  • Avoid the Use of Ammonia

Never use ammonia whenever you’re cleaning your acrylic pieces because it causes the surface of the furniture to look cloudy and unclear.

  • Store the Pieces Well

Acrylic pieces are of high quality and must be handled with care. Keep the pieces well covered with a soft cloth whenever they are not in use.

Top Places to Find Quality Furniture

There are over 40 online acrylic furniture outlets where you can find good items. But, here is a list of the top 10 best furniture stores online that sell quality and durable acrylic pieces.

  1. Clear Home Design

This furniture store has the best custom-made acrylic & lucite furniture items perfect for designs. They can even go as far as creating a custom lucite design for you from scratch.

Some of their ready-made furnishings you can shop from include retro-modern brass and lucite desk with glass top, lucite waterfall console table with gold leaf, custom acrylic tray top table with brass details, and so much more. 

Check out acrylic furniture at All you have to do is go through their cart and place an order and it’ll be delivered swiftly..

  1. Etsy

This online store has mainly handmade furniture items for decoration. Some of their pieces include acrylic tableware, Moroccan rugs, modern side tables, acrylic stool chairs, and many others.

  1. Amazon

This marketplace has several sections including furniture items for decoration. Their pieces are more expensive than they look. However, you may likely receive your order on free delivery.

  1. West Elm

The West Elm brand sells affordable acrylic furnishings. They also have items certified by Fair Trade.

  1. Bed Bath & Beyond

Apart from bedroom acrylic furniture, this store also sells modern quality acrylic armchairs and display stands.

  1. Anthropologie

This online furniture store has well-designed furniture types that stand out. They also offer the services of a furniture consultant to anyone looking to purchase quality furniture.

  1. Design Within Reach (DWR)

This store has sleek pieces of acrylic furniture that can modernize and transform your home, changing it into a perfect masterpiece.

  1. AptDeco

This online store is among the few that have the best vintage acrylic furniture selling at a fair price.

  1. Joss & Main

This online furniture store has all the different types of acrylic furnishings needed to make the perfect home design. All you have to do is place your order and the piece will be delivered to you.

  1. AllModern

The modern store has excellent modern furnishings with high-quality materials. Their products range from Adair acrylic coffee tables, acrylic bar stools, clear acrylic end tables, and many others.

They also ensure fast delivery when orders are placed.


The level of digitalization in the world has skyrocketed. You don’t need to stress yourself by visiting multiple physical stores to source acrylic furniture that you may never find.  There are many types of acrylic and modern furniture online.

Furniture shopping has been made easy. All you have to do is search for the piece of lucite furniture you need on clear home design and place your order at a fair price. Don’t slack on this opportunity!


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