Cleaning And Disinfection Of Ventilation Systems

With the normal functioning of the ventilation system, a person does not even remember about it. The need to clean the air ducts and the entire system is usually remembered when traces of dampness, signs of mold appear on the walls of the rooms, washed things begin to dry much longer, fogging of windows appears. All this is a sign of significant clogging of the ventilation system, which needs cleaning.

It is advisable to Install MVHR for the safety and well being of all members. If there is a violation of ventilation in the house, the working capacity of those living there decreases, they quickly get tired, allergies and various diseases appear.

The Need For Cleaning And Disinfection Ventilation In The House

In order for a person to stay in his own home to be both comfortable and useful, the main parameters of the air – its temperature, humidity, and the like – must be maintained in a normal state. In many ways, this is facilitated by the periodic cleaning of the ventilation system and its disinfection.

The duct cleaning is a reliable way to avoid many of the negative effects that dirty filters and air ducts lead to: an increase in the number of fungi, the formation of mold and other pathogenic microflora; an increase in the risk of fire as a result of heavy dustiness of the ventilation ducts; reduction of the used air duct area; failure of the hood and other similar equipment as a result of an increase in the load on it.

Together with cleaning, disinfection of ventilation systems is also carried out – disinfection of the internal surfaces of the channels and all equipment of the system.

Disinfection helps to prevent the multiplication of many bacteria that can provoke the development of a large number of diseases. The frequency of such procedures is once every six months to a year.

Checking The Operation Of Ventilation

  • When the first signs of problems with the air duct and the entire system appear – condensation on window panes, traces of mold on the walls, and the like – you should think about cleaning the ventilation duct. But before that, it’s still worth making sure that the problem lies precisely in clogging. You can check it with your own hands.
  • The easiest “folk” way to check ventilation is to bring a lit candle to the grille of the system. If the flame deviates – the system works without any failures, and it does not require cleaning.
  • However, it is not recommended to use this method: in the event of gas leaks, it can accumulate in the duct, during such a check a fire or even an explosion can occur. And usually deposits in the ventilation shaft burn very well.
  • A safer method of checking the duct is to use ordinary thin paper instead of fire, which will deflect if there is even a slight airflow.
  • It should be remembered that such methods of checking ventilation may not give any objective results in the warm season: dense and heavy hot air can stagnate in the duct even if it is not contaminated.

Two Methods Of Ventilation Cleaning

Before and after cleaning

Many believe that the ventilation system can function normally for a long time, but in any case, litter, dust, and various microorganisms gradually accumulate in it. At the same time, they enter the dwelling along with air currents, causing considerable harm to everyone living there. In addition, it is important to remember that untimely cleaned ventilation, along with debris in it, can cause a fire.

Cleaning the ventilation system today is carried out by one of two main methods – chemical and mechanical.

Among the advantages of the second method is the relative safety for the people who work in the room, and for the system itself. But this method does not always allow you to remove serious pollution. It is for such cases that chemical cleaning is intended, which guarantees a positive result in each case.

Cleaning Ventilation Using Improvised Means

One of the most common causes of improper functioning of ventilation is a simple clogging of the duct: fat deposits, debris and dust that gradually accumulate inside the duct.

According to the rules, the residents of houses generally do not have the right to do something with the main systems, including ventilation. As a result, cleaning and disinfection of ventilation systems is the work of a special service, whose employees have the right to carry out such activities, and are also familiar with the air duct system in each particular house.

But on the other hand, the owners of the apartment strive to maintain order in their house. That is why everyone should know how to clean the air duct and the entire ventilation duct system, more precisely, how to carry out preventive cleaning of the ventilation duct that leads from the apartment to the common riser.

To Make Such A Preventive Cleaning Is Quite Simple

the ventilation grille is removed from the ventilation hole, all dirt and dust is thoroughly washed off it. To do this, you can use neutral chemicals and dirt and grease deposits that have accumulated on the walls near the hole can be removed with a scraper; then the air duct is thoroughly cleaned with a vacuum cleaner for 5 minutes; the final stage of preventive cleaning of the channel is wiping its walls with a damp cloth, after which it remains only to install the grate in place.

It is important to remember that when cleaning the ventilation yourself, it is strictly forbidden to lower any heavy objects inside on a rope or use aggressive solvents and chemicals. Only the use of dry ice is allowed, which contributes to the dissolution of fat, after which it evaporates on its own, leaving no odors.

Equipment For Professional Cleaning

Modern cleaning equipment

For high-quality ventilation cleaning, you can use a proven set of tools or modern equipment.

A troika set is a set of tools consisting of a strong rope, a heavy weight and a ruff. A similar set is often used to clean straight-through air ducts located vertically.

New methods for cleaning air ducts and ventilation ducts involve the use of a special type of equipment.

Brush equipment. Such devices are designed to work with air ducts of any shape. Most models of such equipment are equipped with hoses for supplying reagents during cleaning, as well as nozzles for spraying them. Often used to remove fatty deposits from the surface of the ventilation duct.

Flexible shafts. They are intended for cleaning channels of a small cross-sectional area, the diameter of which does not exceed 30 cm. A brush is also used with a flexible shaft, a drill is used as a drive for it, the number of revolutions of which is at least 900 per 1 minute.

Vacuum installation is a type of equipment that cleans the system at negative elevated pressure. Such models are equipped with a high-powered engine and filter elements with a high degree of purification. This type of equipment can be used to work with air ducts of considerable length, where they are able to effectively eliminate a large amount of pollution.

Professional Disinfection Of Ventilation

If the preventive cleaning of the system can be carried out with your own hands, then its disinfection should be entrusted to specialists. There are many requirements for the implementation of disinfection, as well as the storage of chemicals that are used in this case, it is extremely difficult to adhere to them in everyday life.

Among The Main Requirements Are:

for the conduct of all such work with ventilation, only those chemicals that are defined by special instructions can be used; specialists who carry out all procedures must undergo special training; the devices used in the work together with the equipment must correspond to the selected cleaning agent, as well as the work being carried out.


Persons who take part in the disinfection of ventilation ducts must undergo special instructions, and when performing all work, adhere to important safety rules.

  • Do not allow the disinfectant solution to come into contact with open areas of the skin and eyes
  • When performing all work, it is necessary to protect yourself with rubber gloves, a respirator and goggles.
  • Upon completion of all procedures, hands should be thoroughly washed with soap.
  • Drugs can be stored at a temperature not exceeding 20 degrees
  • In case of contact with the skin, it is washed with plenty of water for 10 minutes, if necessary, immediately consult a doctor.
  • As you know, ventilation in the house performs several important functions:
  • Ensures that a sufficient amount of fresh air enters the dwelling;
  • Removes exhaust air and various microparticles harmful to human health from the apartment;
  • Acts as a thermal regulator, and also maintains a suitable level of humidity in the home.
  • That is why the ventilation system in the house needs periodic cleaning and disinfection, which will allow it to perform all the necessary functions.