Clean Cooks: How Do Restaurants Deep Clean?

For restauranters, keeping their restaurant clean is absolutely essential, lest they fall afoul of the health code. With COVID-19 still in circulation, it’s more important than ever that restaurant owners know what a deep clean looks like.

Knowing how to deep clean can keep every part of your restaurant free from germs, yet what does a solid deep cleaning involve?

In this guide, we’ll take a look at how to deep clean a restaurant and keep staff and customers safe. Read on and find out more!

How to Deep Clean a Restaurant Kitchen

Knowing how to deep clean a kitchen can keep your customers safe from foodborne illness and prevent vermin from finding a home in your restaurant. There are a few key areas that you’ll need to look at if you want to deep clean your kitchen.

Cleaning Exhaust Hoods

The exhaust hoods are very important, as they keep the air quality in the kitchen at a good level. They also get very dirty with everyday use! 

To start with hood cleaning, you’ll need to take the filters out of the exhaust hoods and scrub them with hot soapy water and a degreaser solution. You’ll also need to clean the chassis, as grease can build up on the metal over time. 

Cleaning Refrigerators

Deep cleaning the refrigerators involves getting out a mop and bucket and cleaning the floor, as well as thoroughly cleaning the door handles. You should also take any food off the shelves in the fridge and then wipe down the shelves with a cleaning solution. When you’ve done this, clean the floors and the back of the door with the same solution.

Cleaning Countertops

To deep clean the countertops, you’ll need to wipe down the counters with a soft cloth to get rid of any dirt, then switch to something harsher to get rid of any stains and germs. You could consider using a bleach solution during the deep clean, as this will kill any lurking pathogens.

If you don’t want to take care of all of this yourself, consider hiring a cleaning company like General Facility Care LLC.

Cleaning the Front of House

The front of house should be cleaned more thoroughly than ever during the pandemic. To start with, you’ll want to ensure that all high-traffic surfaces are wiped down with alcohol wipes or similar products very often, much more than you normally would.

You should also not have a communal area for condiments, instead, have the condiments on the guests’ tables. Then, after every guest leaves, wipe the condiments down in preparation for the next ones.

Wiping seating and tables down between guests is also essential. You should use a strong cleaner for this, then thoroughly dry the seats and tables. 

Cleaning windows regularly is also important, as germs can live on the glass.

Deep Cleaning Is Essential

Knowing how to deep clean is of the utmost importance for your guests and staff alike. Follow the tips that we’ve laid out and your restaurant will be in a much more hygenic state.

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